Who Keyed Vincent's Car?

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Does anyone know who keyed Vincent's car? They seem to talk a lot about in the movie but you never hear who did it.


LANCE: Still got your Malibu?

VINCENT: You know what some fucker did to it the other day?

LANCE: What?

VINCENT: Fuckin' keyed it.

LANCE: Oh man, that's fucked up.

VINCENT: Tell me about it. I had the goddamn thing in storage three years. It's out five fuckin' days -- five days, and some dickless piece of shit fucks with it.

LANCE: They should be fuckin' killed. No trial, no jury, straight to execution.

Film: Pulp Fiction
By: Pulp Sloth
Category: Questions


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Pulp Sloth

The conventional wisdom is that Butch keyed Vincent's car. He did have a motive (Vincent called him Punchy and Palooka in the bar) and it seems to be fairly consistent with his character.


yep - looks like Butch did it. Apparently, in the script it says that Vincent pulled into the car park and parked right next to Butch's car despite the fact that the car park was almost empty. Butch left before Vincent and he was incensed at what Vincent had said to him.


I agree, it must of been butch, or maybe it was nobody.(characters in the movie)


I never really thought that it was Butch but it would kind of make since because of the way they act towards each other. I Don't think that Butch would go out like such a bitch though. He is a boxer. He would probably kick Vincents ass before he would do that.


Did you even see the movie? What are you talking about? If you really knew the movie, you'd know that Butch isn't gonna kick Vincent's ass because Vincent is prepared to blow Butch into pieces...but fortunately for Butch he caught Vincent off guard and blew him away first! Really though, did you see the movie?


Actually, the reason that Butch does not confront Vincent after their first interaction is because we hear Marcellus warmly and enthusiastically greet Vincent in the background. As a result, Butch gets his revenge for Vincent's comments by keying his car.


damn that makes so much fucking sense, i was having a hard time saying that Butch did it just because he and Vincent dont like each other but now i think that is what really happend, a better question now would be why Vincent dislikes Butch, is it becuase Butch is considering throwing the fight?


I thought it was random at first until I had watched it for about the 10th time and I thought that Butch had to be the obvious choice. His discovery of the keying immediately followed Vincent and Butch's run-in at the club....Butch had incentive to disrespect Vincent as Vincent disrespected him.


In an interview with Quentin Tarantino, he told us that it was Butch he keyed his car, but he did it not because he didn't like Vincent, but because he has the ability to key cars I guess. So it was Butch.


No I dont think butch keyed it because after the diner scene they went straight to give marcellus wallace the case but they didnt have a car with them, remember the wolf said " i see your future its a cab ride" so they take a cab to brekfast and take another to meet marcellus and even if vince did take a cab to his house and then get his own car which he didnt do, he would have not showed up in jimmie's dorky clothes he would have changed (and probley let jules borrow clothes too.) but no they came straight from the diner, so vinces car could not have been in the parking lot for butch key after butch in vince have their face off!


Actually, I think that, since he went with his boy (Jules) they met up at Marsellus's bar and took Jules' car. So, Vincent's car would still be at the bar. After all, they did have to meet with Marsellus to get the info about the dudes in the apartment at some point. Butch does make the most sense, but the challenge is for the most interesting possibility, so I think it would be funny if it was Paul who keyed the car, because he was mad that he was the only character who didn't get enough screen time (except for Jules, he could never get enough screen time) and SLJ got his role.


That was a nice try, but wwsljd makes the ultimate point that Vince's car never left the parking lot at the club.....who's car they used is beyond me, it was ultimately destroyed with no dispute. If it was Jules' car, he could easily afford another, but he would'nt have needed one to "walk the earth" would he?


well no one really knows who keyed vincent its one of those questions that there is no right answer to its whatever you want it to be but the movie kind of points the finger at butch when vincent and butch first met they didnt like each other I don't know why but they just had a tension between themselves at the bar vincent started it by saying your not my friend and called him a name then they stared at each other like they wanted to kill each other until Mr.Marsellus called vincent over to him and then butch leaves so like I said there is no real right answer the movie just points the finger at butch


It was obvious, Butch did it.


Butch did it, Butch did it!


Quick Question, How did butch know which car was Vincents?

Butch was in the club.

And for the people who are going to say, there was probably a new car in the car park when he came out.

I mean, for all he knew it could have been Jules' Car.

But, despite what i've written above, i do believe that it is the most logical answer


I reckon Butch keyed Vinces car for calling him Palooka and Punchy


Butch couldn't have keyed Vincents car for two reasons 1.) Vincent took a cab back to Marcellus's bar. So, I don't think his car was there. And let's just say for sake of argument it was there, it will help with reason number 2.)....I'm assuming that was the first time Vincent and Butch met...Vince might have recognized Butch as a boxer (hence Vince's insult by calling Butch "palooka")...but even so, how would Butch have known WHAT CAR HE DROVE?!?


butch did.


Like most of the other comments,I have to agree that it was obvious that Butch keyed it. Because at the bar, Butch was about to start a fight with Vincent after calling him palooka and punchy. But before he starts a fight with Vincent, Marsellus calls Vincent and Butch sees that there obviously good friends, so Butch didn't start a fight because he wouldn't want to upset Marsellus Wallace, one of the most feared men in L.A. So, instead he went outside with his smokes and keyed Vincents car.