Who Keyed Vincent's Car?

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Does anyone know who keyed Vincent's car? They seem to talk a lot about in the movie but you never hear who did it.


Aurthor: Pulp Date:

LANCE: Still got your Malibu?

VINCENT: You know what some fucker did to it the other day?

LANCE: What?

VINCENT: Fuckin' keyed it.

LANCE: Oh man, that's fucked up.

VINCENT: Tell me about it. I had the goddamn thing in storage three years. It's out five fuckin' days -- five days, and some dickless piece of shit fucks with it.

LANCE: They should be fuckin' killed. No trial, no jury, straight to execution.





Vicnent: you know what a fucker did the other Day???

Vincent telling Lance about what happened the other Day, means The day the shooting happened and Vince & Butch meet for the first time(In the club)

The Malibu was already parked in the Club parking lot, and butch was actually trying to steal it, without the intention of getting back to vincent. Butch did know Vince at all.


Now Vincent and Butch never met, until they first met in the Club.

After Butch left the Club he keyed Vince car(Malibu). Now Malibu is an expensive car, Butch must have thought while he is betraying Marsellus, he should also steal the car, while he's at it and simple ran with it.

Now obviously Butch was not able to steal the Malibu(car). and wee see Vincent telling to Lance about how some "fucker keyed his car the other day".


If you see, Butch also stole the Chopper(Motorcycle) from Zed pawn shop and fled away the scene.

Butch was a kind of thief. Not only he Keyed Vince Car, He also stole the Motorcycle.

"And that's how we know who keyed the Vince Car"



Butch took Zedd's chopper because he didn't have his car after running from Marcellus after being found out at his apartment when getting his watch.

And, after all, Zedd was effectively dead by that point.


Guys, no one ever keyed Vincent's car, it was just a bad excuse of Vincent's so he shouldn't tell about the boy whose head he had bown off in the car...
We all know how the movie isn't cronological - there are several flashbacks. The beginning of the movie and the end of the movie are connected.
In the end of the movie, we see how Vincent and Jules kill Brett and bring the black boy with them in their car - where Vincent accidentally shoots the boy in the head and leaves the car full of brain and skull. They drive the car to Jimmy's garage, where Marsellus arrangeges "the Wolf" to come and fix the situation. THIS is where they get to wear those silly t-shirts with cartoons (or something) on it, and thereafter the car and the dead body is brought to a special wrecker who takes care of "the issue".
THE NEXT DAY Vincent is to take Mia Marsellus out on a dinner, and just before that, he visits Lance, buys his drugs and tells him that the car has been keyed - but, as you see, it hasn't. There's just a dead black boy in the boot....


How did Butch do it? Vincent and Jules took a CAB to the bar. It's like the case, you are not supposed to know. It was just some dickless piece of shit.


Lance keyed Vince's car... He was all fugged up and thought it was funny. How many Mexicans does it take to key a car? Just Juan... If that offends you then you are mad soft.


Butch is rumoured to have done his but in real life Tarantinos Malibu got stolen so he wrote in into the plot line


Butch didn't key the car. The timing is all wrong. It was Zed who keyed the car. He is the only character in the movie that actually has keys.


IT CANNOT BE BUTCH. Here is why, vince and jules came back with the suitcase, after stopping at a dinner where a robbery happened. But before they even got to the dinner at the place where the suitcase was, they had to retrieve it. Remember, they took jules car with the last of the 4 people who fucked marcellus like a bitch. They dipped jules car then goes to eat breakfast then got back to marcellus' place. Now we don't know for sure how they got to marcellus' place butttt it sure wasn't in vince's car cause im sure if they got time to go get vince's car they would get some nice clothes. Once they get there then vince met Butch but butch didnt scratch his car, at least not then cause vince didnt come with no car.

vince vega (irl)


in real life it was tarantino's and they don't know who stole but they found it like 7 years later


Tarantino said in an interview that he had originally planned to film a scene that showed Butch keying Vincent's car but due to time and budget limits was unable to.


How could Butch key Vincent's car ? Vincent and Jules took a cab from Big Joes right?


obviously butch, doesn't matter he is a boxer. he knew that they came to see Marcellus and what would be the point of butch hitting a man that Marcellus works with, esp when Marcellus handed butch money.


obviously butch, doesn't matter he is a boxer. he knew that they came to see Marcellus and what would be the point of butch hitting a man that Marcellus works with, esp when Marcellus handed butch money.