Reservoir Dogs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This movie soundtrack kicked off one of my favorite and most underrated decades (the 1990's). After the corporate rock late 1980's, movie soundtracks were a lost art. Not any more. Suddenly the blending of music and cinema was important and cool again.

Top moments include: "Little Green Bag", "Stuck in the Middle with You", "Coconut", and a generous helping of comedic quotes from legendary Stephen Wright who plays radio DJ host (K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies's Weekend).

Has Reservoir Dogs Aged Well?

This is a great "analysis" of the ongoing significance of Reservoir Dogs by film critic Nerdwriter1.

In fact it's so good it's basically a work of art by itself. I need to watch more of this guy.

Best moments:

Watching the included short clip of Siskel & Ebert review this film is like watching the asteroid that takes out the dinosaurs. They clearly don't get it.