What dorky t-shirt is Jules wearing?

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What t-shirt does Samuel Jackson (Jules) wear when he is with Vincent Vega with his "UC Santa Cruz" t-shirt dressed like dorks?

I will be glad if you have the answer :)
JULES AND VINCENT In their tee-shirts and swim trunks. They 
look a million miles away from the black-suited, bad-asses 
we first met.

                                     THE WOLF
                         Perfect. Perfect. We couldn't've 
                         planned this better. You guys look 
                         like... what do they look like, 

                         Dorks. They look like a couple of 

The Wolf and Jimmie laugh.

                         Ha ha ha. They're your clothes, 

                         I guess you just gotta know how to 
                         wear them.

                         Yeah, well, our asses ain't the expert 
                         on wearin' dorky shit that your is.

                                     THE WOLF
                         C'mon, gentlemen, we're laughin' and 
                         jokin' our way into prison. Don't 
                         make me beg.

Film: Pulp Fiction
By: Pulp Sloth
Category: Questions


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Pulp Sloth

I have no idea. Can anyone answer this?


Looks like Krazy Kat, a classic old comic strip. Very popular in its time.


yep is a Krazy Kat strip on a blue shirt. You can get a knock-off for about $20 delivered.



Yes. It is definitely a Krazy Kat t-shirt.It looks like the mouse (I forget his name)had thrown a brick at Krazy Kat. The cat is in love with the mouse and Kray Kat loves it when she gets hit with a brick thrown by the mouse.


UC Santa Cruz shirt are available from the bookstore, on Campus

Dr. Carter

"Ignatz" is the mouse's name. Yeah, that only took about 6 years to remember it ! As for the UC Santa Cruz shirt, in 1981 when UCSC joined NCAA Div III, the students were torn between adopting the U.-approved 'Sea Lion' and the 'Banana Slug' as suggested by a member of the men's volleyball team.