What fonts were used in Pulp Fiction?

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a project identifying some of the fonts used in Pulp Fiction. I''m looking mainly at intentional usage of fonts: titles, created products, etc.

- Anonymous

I have already identified the following:

A Band Apart: Busorama
A band apart

Main Title: Rama Slab Exp Heavy

Names/Scene Titles: Benguiat

The Hawthorne Grill: Hawthorne part is Kaufmann. Unsure what font Grill is in.
Hawthorne Grill

Bad Mother Fucker wallet: ITC Pioneer No. 2
bad motherfucker wallet
The Wolf's subtitle: Kabel Pro Heavy
(no photo available!)


Please help!

Any help identifying these fonts would be immensely appreciated. (Also, the sooner, the better...)

Big Kahuna Burger fonts

Jack Rabbit Slim''s: All three would be great...

Zed's "Grace"

Film: Pulp Fiction
By: Pulp Sloth
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wtf fonts? I don't ampersand what you are talking about!