Reservoir Dogs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This movie soundtrack kicked off one of my favorite and most underrated decades (the 1990's). After the corporate rock late 1980's, movie soundtracks were a lost art. Not any more. Suddenly the blending of music and cinema was important and cool again.

Top moments include: "Little Green Bag", "Stuck in the Middle with You", "Coconut", and a generous helping of comedic quotes from legendary Stephen Wright who plays radio DJ host (K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies's Weekend).

Django Unchained: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This soundtrack is the answer to the question, "How do you add rap music to a Western Soundtrack without making it sound cheesy". Yes. It's an eclectic mix of Spaghetti-Western themes, cowboy-friendly folk rock .... AND ... funk, rap ... AND ... the usual assortment of sound bites. Somehow it works. Yes, the whole thing is rather listenable, entertaining, and on the same level as the other Tarantino soundtrack standouts such as Death Proof, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction. We are definitely getting spoiled. This standard of quality soundtrack seems impossible to maintain going forward.

inglourious Bastards Soundtrack

As far as I know, this this is the first soundtrack without dialogue excerpts from the film. The genre range is exactly what you expect— a great mix of American funk and European pop and folk music from between World War II and present day. To be fair, it's got some great tracks of course, but overall this is definitely not "essential on vinyl" or "a must own on reel-to-reel" for serious QT fans. Perhaps it could have used some film samples and another track or two more. But it's hard to knock a great movie soundtrack for being exactly that, a great movie soundtrack.

The version I bought on iTunes includes a 15-minute video interview with Elvis Mitchell which explains all the musical choices Tarantino made for the film and the thought process behind them. That was a nice bonus.