Rosanna Arquette Speaks Out For Burma

Rosanna Arquette
Letter to Hi, I was just browsing your site - it's cool to see you're such a big Pulp Fiction fan! I've got a question for you: have you heard about Rosanna Arquette's (Jody in Pulp Fiction) involvement in a new campaign called Burma: It Can't wait?

I work for a website called Fanista and we've just launched this project with the US Campaign for Burma and the Human Rights Action Center.

Rosanna graciously did a REALLY amazing short film spot for us which went live this morning - we are trying to raise awareness of the atrocities going down in Burma (70,000 child soldiers, 2x more villages burned than in Darfur, torture and massacre of monks, systematic rape – and that was before the recent cyclone, which has left at least 67,000 pp dead or missing.) In addition to Rosanna's, also up are Jennifer Aniston & Woody Harrelson, Will Farrell, Sarah Silverman, and Judd Apatow.

I was wondering if you could post the YouTube video in the "posted items" spot on your page. It would really help us out, and I also think this is a great performance by Rosanna.

Author: ooh456 Date:

Sure! Here is the Rosanna Arquette Video

... And here is the Will Ferrell video (much funnier)