Mr Wolf's First Scene


What is going on in the background when Mr. Wolf first appears on screen?

He is talking on the phone to Mr. Wallace. It's pretty early in the morning, he is well dressed, apparently in a hotel room. There are lots of other people there, all well dressed, even children. Does anyone know what is going on in the background in this scene?

QT talks "Grindhouse" on Conan O'Brien (2007)


Quentin and Conan discuss drinking "Irish car bombs" and hanging out with beautiful women on the set of Death Proof.

Multiple Pricks Error in Pulp Fiction?


The girl [Honey Bunny] in the robbery says: "any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every mother fucking last one of you"- at the start of the movie.

But at the end of the movie when the scene is revisited from Vincent and Jules' point of view, she says, "any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute everyone of you mother fuckers".

Either she improvised the line, messed up the line, or it was intentional.

What's on Lance's T-shirt?


Does anyone know what the cartoon on Lance's T-shirt is? It's been really bugging me. Thanks! - Goops1071

What Guns Did Vincent and Jules Use in Pulp Fiction?


Does anyone know what type of guns Vincent and Jules used in the Pulp Fiction movie?


Whatever Happened to Mr. Pink?


At the end of Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Pink seems to disappear out the door without a trace. All the other Dogs lie dead (or quickly dying) and only Mr. Pink escapes out the door. I had always assumed he gets away! Am I wrong? Please help!

Quentin Tarantino's IMDB Page


Everyone knows the IMDB is the best source of info about films. I regularly check it out after I see a film. The pages can contain spoilers, but they always contain the most up to date and accurate information available in one convenient location.

Quentin Tarantino Wikipedia Page


A good, albeit brief, overview of the Quentin's life and films. Seems to focus more on controversial bits than substantiated bits, but with a man as genius as Q, that's to be expected.

Quentin Tarantino's Wikipedia Page

True Romance Gandolfini Scene


Patricia goes berserk on future Sopranos star James Gandolfini.

True Romance: Brad Pitt as Floyd the unemployed stoner


Floyd (Brad Pitt) Gets a visit from the mob while getting stoned.

Death Proof Interview With Kurt Russell


This is Kurt Russel! What's going on here?

Death Proof Down in Mexico


This sexy lap dance is from scene from Tarantino's amazing "Death Proof".

Anybody else think Maria de Medeiros looks like the Modesty Blaise cover?


Has anyone else ever noticed that Maria de Medeiros who played Fabienne looks like the female in the cover art of the Modesty Blaise book Vincent was reading? Just wondering. - C

Vincent and Jules Hawthorne Diner Scene


Vincent and Jules discuss miracles at the Hawthorne Diner in LA. God got involved.

Pulp Fiction - Vincent Killing Marvin The Snitch


Vincent Vega accidentally shoots Marvin the Snitch in the face and Jules Winnfield gets pissed off for fucking up his car and his hair.

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