What is the purpose of Tarantino's cameos?


Just wondering what peoples opinions are on why Tarantino makes cameos in his films? Any and all opinions welcome. Thanks

Is Vincent Vega Jesus?


Vincent Vega represents Jesus. It's so obvious, once you look at it this way, everything lines up, but amazingly I haven't found anything making this connection in the movie's 20 years of existence.

What is the best Tarantino Movie Ever?


This is a long video. The part about Tarantino starts around "38:40"

Tarantino talks Jackie Brown with Charlie Rose


In this hour long interview from 1997, Tarantino touches on many subjects including: Robert DeNiro, Pam Grier, his own acting, and his personal philosophy on the film-making process.

What makes this interview great? Well, great questions for one. Plus for maybe the first time we sense the director's internal struggle to continue his streak of making important and unique films. It's very clear here that QT puts himself under enormous pressure to make nothing but masterpieces. And he doesn't take too kindly to shallow criticism.

In my opinion Jackie Brown is a deep, emotional, and ultimately serious affair. But in the end, it's really a homage to the strength and beauty of black women in the USA. With enough action and humor to keep everyone entertained for the duration.

The Director's Chair With Quentin Tarantino


The full first volume of The Director's Chair with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino and David Letterman Discuss Jackie Brown


Unlike some previous attempts, Dave gets a pretty good interview from QT this time. They discuss the pressures of directing stars, the new movie Jackie Brown, and some recent minor altercations.

Jackie Brown, Robert De Niro, & Quentin Tarantino Interview


I think QT sounds a little too comfortable calling Mr. Deniro "Bob" in this interview.

Tarantino on Letterman 1994


I remember this interview as it it were yesterday. Letterman is his normal "not funny since the 80's" self and Quentin is clearly still basking in his newly acquired fame. Classic.

Who was Brett Anyway?


About the only thing that sticks with me as terribly incongruous about Pulp Fiction is wondering what exactly were Brett and his buddies doing with the apparently very valuable property of Marsellus Wallace. They come across like a bunch of not terribly competent college kids, way out of MW's league.

So what was he doing having Brett and his buddies even working for him in the first place not to mention holding that briefcase?

-Tom Toren

What fonts were used in Pulp Fiction?


Hi everyone!

I'm working on a project identifying some of the fonts used in Pulp Fiction. I''m looking mainly at intentional usage of fonts: titles, created products, etc.

- Anonymous

Playboy Interview Django Unchained


Playboy was a classic "soft porn" magazine from the 20th century known for its "centerfold" pictures of semi-clad women with big tits. But it also had awesome articles and interviews you couldn't get anywhere else. Was "surfing around" and found this awesome Django Uncahined interview from Playboy where QT admits to doing ecstasy during the filming of Kill Bill. Always thought that film had an e vibe to it. Enjoy...

QT Playboy interview from late 2012.

Pulp Fiction and The Tarantino Universe Easter Eggs


Fans of film, video games and comics love coincidence in their stories. Noticing connections between story universes, characters intertwined with characters from other works and pop-culture symbols can give fans a glimpse into the mind of the writer and director. Finding these “Easter eggs” is like mining nuggets of entertainment gold.

Mia Wallace's near fatal mistake


Earlier in the movie, Eric Stoltz's character asks "I'm all out of balloons, is a baggie okay?"

Now I am no drug expert but am I to infer that heroin is supposed to go into a balloon and cocaine into a baggie? And Mia Wallace thought that was cocaine and that's why she overdosed?

A friend of mine who knows a lot more about drugs than I do said that's not true, but what do you guys think?




Django unchained interview from Youtube.

Google Earth locations of Pulp Fiction scenes?


Could anyone please help me finding the locations of the movie on Google Earth?


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