The Gold Watch story in Pulp Fiction, an In-depth Analysis

Rob Ager, the film critic behind collativelearning.com gives an in-depth analysis of The Gold Watch scene in Pulp Fiction. He uses video and narrative to build a case that much more symbolism and story is being transmitted than first meets the eye.

Anyone with more than a casual interest in the film will appreciate Mr. Ager's analysis as it will give the viewer even more to think about during subsequent viewings of the film. Nicely done!


10 Things You Never Knew About PULP FICTION

There a ton of these "10 things" clickbait videos floating around the Web. So we try to only post the good ones ... the fun ones where we actually learn something or smile.

This one by Movieweb is pretty good... both well-written and edited. They somehow even snuck in a "Let's do it for Johnny!". Amazing.