What was in the Briefcase?

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Can anyone tell me what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction? And what is the Band-Aid on the back of Marsellus's neck about? Is there a connection? You never see or hear anyone say what's in the case. Thanks!

- Hedy

This is a very commonly asked question. Who in the community can give the best answer?

If you don't remember the briefcase, check out the Hamburger scene video.

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the contents of the briefcase were taken from the film 'repo man'(1984).


Golden weed.


Bc ving rhames cut himself while shaving and tarantino liked the look so told him to keep the plaster on his head apparently


I recently attended a movie convention in the US and bought, amongst other things, a folder containing the original handwritten plot notes for Pulp Fiction. After reading

through them I can reveal the truth behind this movie, in particular what was in the briefcase.

It all started with Butch's father, who had his soul extracted by the Nazis in World War 2 and placed into the pocket watch. Now it's a little known fact that the best way to

reinsert the soul into a human body is via the anus. This is why Butch's father hid the watch up his, in an attempt to regain his lost soul. He was unsuccessful. The watch

eventually makes it's way to Butch who learns the truth about what it contains, which is why he is so desperate to get it back. He is willing to risk his life to regain the

only part of his father he has left.

Now as many people have already worked out, Marcellus also had his soul removed while in China, which by a remarkable set of circumstances ended up trapped in the penis of a

man known simply as Zed. marcellus was on his way to Zed to trade back for his soul when Butch hit him with the car. Indeed, later on we see Zed vigorously thrusting

Marcellus's soul back into his body, again via his ass (insert the soul via the a$$ hole - the clues are there people). This time it seemed to have worked as Marcellus found

it in himself (amongst other things) to forgive Butch. Butch's rescus of Marcellus was purely incidental. As a side issue, when Vincent Vega goes to Bucth's apartment he is

looking for the watch containing Butch's fathers soul, which he hoped to steal for Marcellus.

When you know all this, the contents on the briefcase should be simple to work out. When Marcellus sold his soul, he traded it for a briefcase full of radioactive bananas.

Desperate to have his soul back, he sent his 2 best henchmen to get the case back.

All this was originally explained in the conversation between Marcelles and Butch in the club before the fight. However the dialoge was cut from the movie. I can't imagine

why because the movie makes no sense without it.

The guy who missed Vincent and Jules in the apartment with the 'hand cannon' was simply a bad shot. However, believing himself to be protected by God, Jules made good on his

word and began to wander the world searching for answers. A planned sequal to Pulp Fiction detailed his travels was drafted but was never made.

Anyway i hope this clears things up.


Wow..some pretty far fetched theories..i know its "whatever you want it to be" but since i first saw the film i've always summised it's the heavyweight boxing belt..makes sense now right?


Just read most of the thoughts on these discussion pages. For me, Wallace lost his soul and the only way for him to get it back would be to barter with the devil. The devil would give anything to get back what had given him great shame, the lost wager, the Golden Fiddle. Think about that. Someone stole Wallace's soul and he's bartering it back with the Golden Fiddle. That's good enough for me

vince vega (irl)

the band aid was from a cut he got shaving and tarantino liked it.

there was a lightbulb in the briefcase


He has keloids on the back of his head!!!


I believe marcel wallace is meant to actually be the devil due to the band-aid on the back of his neck, its says in the bible that the devil has the numbers 666 striked on the back of his neck. and i believe he covers it with the band-aid, also the combination of his brief case has the numbers 666. I also think that in the brief case are souls of the the tortured ie marcels soul.
This is my opinion.


This is from an informal essay I once wrote on Tarantino:

Pulp Fact or Fiction?

The briefcase in Pulp Fiction is one of the most oft-debated topics of the movie. Tarantino himself has stated that the briefcase contains whatever the viewer wants it to. The two most common theories are that it contains the diamonds from the Resevoir Dogs heist or that it contains Marcellus Wallace's soul. Although the latter argument is often ridiculed, there are several points in its favour: The mysterious orange light that emanates from the briefcase (and that also appears when Brad is shot- perhaps his soul floating away?-) looks more like we would imgine a soul to look than the reflection of diamonds. Also, Ringo's look of utter shock and disbelief ("Is that what I think it is?" he states in singular, not "Are those what I think they are?", which would make more sense if there were numerous diamonds in the case) would be more appropriate if he were encountering something as rare as a human soul, rather than some diamonds, which as a high-profile thief he would encounter on a fairly regular basis. The general outline of the theory is this: Marcellus Wallace sold his soul to the devil, but bought it back using Brad and his team as couriers. Brad got hold of the soul in a briefcase (the combination number of which is 666- the sign of the devil) but tried to keep it, causing him to be killed by Jules and Vincent. In fact, perhaps the reason that God saves them from being shot in the same appartment later on is that they are now the guardians of something as precious as a human soul. Later on, Vincent even refers to the "item" in the briefcase as "my boss's dirty laundry", maybe referring to the tainted nature of the soul of a man as corrupt as Marcellus. It is even possible that the reason that Marcellus later forgives Butch is that, with his soul returns, even he is capable of kindness. Finally, there is the long scene where Marcellus is assigning Butch with going down in the fourth round. This entire speech is accompanied by a shot of the back of Marcellus's neck, on which there is a plaster, over the exact spot that according to certain ancient philosophies the soul can be sucked out of (the plaster is actually covering a genuine cut that Ving Rhames sustained before filming, but who is to say that this itself was not the inspiration for Tarantino's idea? Why else would the plaster feature so prominently?). Other theories as to what's in the briefcase include a nuclear device, Elvis's gold suit, gold bricks (supposedly how Marcellus cleans his gangster income (launders his dirty laundry): by investing in gold) and the Holy Grail, but, despite several objections, I still subscribe to the soul theory.


Guys, the band-aid on the back of his head is from when butch hit him with the glass bottle in the sore before they are tied up.


I like to think that Marsellus Wallace was the guy that robbed the bank with the telephone, and that there's quite simply just gold in the briefcase


If it was gold the stupid guy holding up the diner wouldn't ask the stupid question, "what is it".


always comes back to the same question...be it Marcellus Wallace's soul or gold, why do those guys have it and what are they talking about when they want to apologize for the "misunderstanding?"


actually what brett said was he wanted to apologize that things got so fucked up and that they had gotten into this thing "with the best of intentions" i dont know how the theory of Marsellus Wallace's soul or the stolen gold fits into the scenario


It's heroin you muppets


It's heroin you muppets in the brief case. Simple

Mr. Green

whats in the case is whatever you want it to be, as sead by Tarantino. (i think it's the dimands from reservoir dogs). the band-aid? it was a cut Ving Rhames (Marcellus Wallace) accidently gave himself while shaveing his head. Tarantino thought it looked cool, so he kept it.

Lauren Stephen

The theory that it's Wallace's soul in the briefcase is a very interesting one. Ultimately, though, there is no real proof in the film that it is any one thing. It's whatever you think it is or want it to be. As someone has said, it is what Hitchcock called a MacGuffin: an object or device that is a trigger for the plot. Often the specific nature of the MacGuffin is unimportant to the overall plot, and I think Tarantino was quite brilliant in understanding this and so made a MacGuffin that could be anything.

One word of caution about the bandaid. I strongly feel that films should be analyzed by what's on screen. Some of what makes it on screen is deliberate and some of it is accident,bit all of it is part of the film. It's terrible film analysis to say that, 'oh well Ving Rhames just had a scar on his neck and that's why the band aid is there so it doesn't have any significance or meaning or symbolism'. It's what makes it on screen that counts. For this same reason, it wouldn't really matter if Tarantino didn't intend for it to be his soul. If what's on screen allows for that interpretation, then it's a valid interpretation. Directors don't have absolute control over the meaning if their movies.


Didn't he have a tattoo?