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What Guns Did Vincent and Jules Use in Pulp Fiction?

Submitted by C_riss07 on November 21, 2007
Does anyone know what type of guns Vincent and Jules used in the Pulp Fiction movie?


I think the answers are below. I did some research and made some pretty pictures. If this is wrong or anyone has more/better information, please post a comment below.



Jule's gun

Vincent's gun

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Re: What Guns Used Vincent and Jules in Pulp Fiction?
Posted by Pulpon March 09, 2008
Is this right? Anyone?

Re: What Guns Did Vincent and Jules Use in Pulp Fiction?
Posted by agon60on May 04, 2008
yeah thats correct you can look it right up on google and click on the first link its wikipedia

by ocdfan on May 17, 2008
the pearl handled guns they took from trunk were .45 cal. no stacked clip ,8 rounds later in cofee shop jules refered to it as mr"9mm" I had a lot of trouble in hotel scene because the guns slide locked back, that meant clip was empty ...8 rounds 1 chambered...also no casing ejected on jules first shot am i the only one who noticed?

by richard88 on May 22, 2008
They used nickle Star Super B 9mm's

by JTheBeast on July 06, 2008
would also like to add that they were Tarantino's personal guns...

Re:The guns that vincent and mules used
by dmartinez on December 13, 2008
yes that is the right answer I also did a little research I asked the question on yahoo questions I got the same answer that pulp got then to be sure I emailed Mr.Tarantino himself ya I know right good luck I never got an answer from him haha i can't say I'm suprised haha then I looked it up on google and I think it was the first or second link and I also got the same answer as pulp did

Re: What Guns Did Vincent and Jules Use in Pulp Fiction
by cwat on January 21, 2009
The gun Vincent uses is a 1911A1 Auto Ordnance .45 ACP pistol that has been chromed and given pearl grips. Jules' gun is a Star Model B 9mm pistol that has been chromed and given pearl grips, too

[No Subject]
by BadMofoMatt on July 29, 2009
.45 automatics

Re: But They needed shot gun!
by Kowaq on August 08, 2011
Why they really needed shot gun?

Re: Divine intervention
by adflorio on July 25, 2012
Did anyone else notice the bullets holes in the wall behined Vince and Jules. Prior to the hand cannon being fired?





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