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Tony Rocky Horror And the Four-Story Window

Submitted by Pulp on August 18, 2008
Foot Massage?
Why did Marcellus Wallace have Tony Rocky Horror thrown out of a four-story window?
                       You remember Antwan Rockamora?
                       Half-black, half-Samoan, usta call
                       him Tony Rocky Horror.

                       Yeah maybe, fat right?

                       I wouldn't go so far as to call the
                       brother fat.  He's got a weight
                       problem.  What's the nigger gonna
                       do, he's Samoan.

                       I think I know who you mean, what
                       about him?

                       Well, Marsellus fucked his ass up
                       good.  And word around the
                       campfire, it was on account of
                       Marsellus Wallace's wife.

        The elevator arrives, the men step inside.

6.      INT. ELEVATOR - MORNING                                         

                       What'd he do, fuck her?

                       No no no no no no no, nothin' that
                       Well what then?

                       He gave her a foot massage.

                       A foot massage?

        Jules nods his head: "Yes."

                       That's all?

        Jules nods his head: "Yes."

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Re: Tony Rocky Horror
by Pulp Sloth on September 20, 2008
Okay well this is a tough one... but we know it's probably not over a foot massage... what do you guys think?

by georgeman on September 20, 2008
mia- the only people who know why macellus wallace pushed tony out of the window is tony and marcellus

by FireLion on September 20, 2008
Ya see, it WAS a foot massage, but with his tongue!!!! Marcellus Wallace don't mind folks lookin at his wife or talkin to his wife or even touchin his wife, but when it comes to that, it's too much. That's why he trusted Vincent to escort her for the evening, cause Vincent has a thing about tongueing women. He won't do it! He said that.

Re: Tony Rocky Horror's Demise
by CBR44 on September 23, 2008
Much like the "Who Keyed Vincent's Car" question, there is no right or wrong answer to this one. There is no clear indication of who did it or why it was done. Mia could just be doing the "good wife and partner" thing by denying what Vincent and Jules had heard because it's obviously not their business esp if Marsellius as close as he is to J and V did not tell them himself.

10 possible reasons
by wwsljd on September 23, 2008
I offer a few solutions:

1) Tony fell

2) Tony gave Mia a foot massage

3) Tony stuck his tongue in the holyest of holies

4) Tony helped the devil steal marcellus's soul (hence the
bandage and a possible contents of the suitcase)

5) Tony's wife came home and found a dead body and she
threw him

6) Vincent was in the bathroom (a bit trivia there for you)

7) Someone was making poptarts in the other room and
Tony got blasted over the window

8) Tony tried to fuck Marcellus Wallace like a bitch

9) Tony got dysentery

10)Tony said what one more god-damn time

... mother fucker

Just some humorous answers to mull over. Thanks

Tony Rocky Horror's 'Accident' ...
by nikko on September 26, 2008
Let me apologise right now for my obsessiveness but Antwan fell four stories not five. I tried to ignore it but I just couldn't let it go!

Phew! Now; I have two theories about this...

1 - Antwan DID give Mia a foot massage. Because if he didn't then it's just a rumour, and it can't be a rumour because it's way too obscure for the guys to have come up with (even if they are worse than a sewing circle). Of course Mia denies it later in Jack Rabbit Slims, she's a smart girl and she has only just met Vincent. On top of that she knows that Marcellus is fond of Vincent and trusts him (he wouldn't be there otherwise right?).

2 - My second theory seems suddenly weak now. I think I've convinced myself that my first theory is the correct one, so I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead!

by wwsljd on October 03, 2008
So, is there an ending date on this? The last contest had a cut off date, but this one had no such listing.

by winstonthewolf on October 25, 2008
hmm.... thats a hard one, but when did tony give Mia the foot rub, isn't Marcellus usually with Mia? and if he was out at work doing what ever gangster shit Marcellus Wallace dose then why would tony be at is house behind his back when Marcellus was not there? because he wanted to fuck her a foot rub leads to something more, tony knew and Marcellus knew it, thats why Marcellus threw him out of the window. Tony had no right to do what he was planning to do with Mia at Marcellus's own home when Marcellus was out, that is just wrong! he fuckin' deserved what he got

Re: I think ...
by tracelaglace on November 12, 2008
Marsellus avait une dent contre son hamster qui venait de ronger sa roue toute neuve, mais Marsellus ne pouvait pas flinguer le hamster ou le jeter du 5ème étage, vu que c'était un cadeau de Mia !!

Alors comme il avait les boules et que 5 minutes plus tard arrivait tony pour faire son rapport de la soirée passée avec Mia, Marsellus s'est défoulé sur Tony et comme Marsellus a pété un câble à cause du hamster il a provoqué Tony lui demandant pourquoi il avait touché sa femme, ce qui est entièrement faux vu que Tony est un gars trés net, sans bavure. Alors Marsellus se lâche et le balance par le balcon et Tony attérit dans la véranda !!

Marsellus est soulagé et personne n'ira contredire sa parole, vu que c'est Marsellus Wallace !!

Hello, I'm french, so I'm very bad in english,
if you want to understand, translate it by reverso

a bad mother fucker ...

by w0re on December 13, 2008
Not sure. Tony Rocky Horror might've saying stuff like he fuc*d her or something.

by patrick fallon on December 15, 2008
i think he said he would do something

Frankly I applaud Marsellus for taking care of it. It had to be done.
by jeremiah_bullfrog on December 15, 2008
Well, I hate to speak ill of the dead but I think people have the right to know what happened - enough with the lies, rumors and innuendos. I got my information from a very(!) reliable source and as I heard it, the truth - the REAL truth is that it had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged massage or Mia. Marsellus found out something about Tony Rocky Horror that was so vile, so completely disgusting that he couldn't stand the sight of him. Tony had to be killed. The sad, unforgivable fact of the matter is ... Tony didn't recycle. The sick f*ck.

by wwsljd on December 16, 2008
We all know that there was no real reason written by Tarantino himself. Once a writer leaves a question unanswered that is when it becomes subject to interpretation by the audience. I don't mean to preach here, but what I'm saying is that I think that we shouldn't take it too serious as there is no one answer and it varies from person to person. We can just have some fun with this and make some shit up or we can give our own personal opinions as too what it should be. That's all, not saying anyone else is wrong, just wanted to put that out there.

-Props Mother Fuckers!

by vinnybagodonuts on December 28, 2008
Nobody really knows why he got tossd out a window except two people... but id sure like to know..

by nogad on December 30, 2008
because, Marcellas, like Joules is a "mushroom cloud layin' mother fucker" muther fucker and the foot massage was just an icing on the cake which turned Marcellas into "Superfly TNT"

Re: Tony Rocky Horror
by Cam on December 31, 2008
Because He Gave His Wife A Foot Masage. But When Asked About It, His Wife (Uma Thurman) Says That The Only Time That He Touched Her Was When He Shock Her Hand On Her Wedding Day And That Why Marcellus Threw Him Out The Window Is Between Marcellus And Tony.
Thats Gotta Get Me Da Prize, LOL

Most comments
by wwsljd on December 31, 2008
Frankly, most comments on here are just the same thing repeated, he really fucked her or gave her a foot massage, or some non-sensical babble that don't even make sense. Not that my suggestion doesn't include him fucking her and him giving a foot massage, but it does get tiresome and at least I gave several other suggestions along with it that are a lot funnier. Not saying that I have become the foot fucking master, its just that I feel most of the people on here aren't trying enough. That's all, Thank you.

As above
by Isaac on January 03, 2009
Well I think it was because of the foot massage, and Mia was denying it cos she had fallen for Vega. In the bathoom scene (at Mia's house) he is trying to stay loyal and not mae a movie on Mia. That's when she finds Vega's stash of Heroin, mistakes it for cocaine and overdoses!

Re: Tony Rocky Horror
by soto_QT on January 05, 2009
he gave her a foot massage

Re: Contest Over
by Pulp Sloth on January 05, 2009
Okay the contest is over... wwsljd wins the t-shirt with this comment:

Frankly, most comments on here are just the same thing repeated, he really fucked her or gave her a foot massage, or some non-sensical babble that don't even make sense. Not that my suggestion doesn't include him fucking her and him giving a foot massage, but it does get tiresome and at least I gave several other suggestions along with it that are a lot funnier. Not saying that I have become the foot fucking master, its just that I feel most of the people on here aren't trying enough. That's all, Thank you.

Re: did any one win this yet?
by winstonthewolf on March 06, 2009
Who's the winner?

by LizaDanilova on July 21, 2009
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by Suicide1995 on July 30, 2009
My guess is that Tony is the one who hired the four guys to deliever the briefcase. Since he spoke well for the four guys, he was blamed for thier wrong doing, but since one of the guys comes forth, (Marvin). It didnt mess things up enough for Marcell to kill him.
Or he's the one that brokered the deal for Marcell's soul. Or the deal for whatever is in the briefcase, I'm not entirely convinced it is a soul.

And it was Butch, who keyed Vince's car...

The Real Reason GUYS!!!
by Jubran on February 24, 2011
OK!! there are two possible reason's why Antwan Rockamora was thrown out from a window:

1- Mia Wallace wanet to have sex (or a good time) with
Vincent, so she tried distract or lie about the real reason. (proof: she want to dance and have a drink with him after the evening, and a little bit of flirting.)

2- Jules Winnfield told him that story ( Antwan Rockamora death in the elevator) because Marsellus Wallace told him to tell that to Vincent. (proof: why did Jules told him that from the first place, plus he was frustrated about stain after the dinner)

by VegaBrothers on July 04, 2011
Becaude Tony Rocky Horrow was trying to muscle in on Marsellus Wallace's operations from the inside trying to be a Judas so Marsellus sent some boys over to "Take care of the situation." for Marsellus, and Marsellus didn't say anything about it niether did Tony Rocky Horror so the men working for Marsellus guessed this theory and it spread "round" the campfire.

by itsmejohnnyv on July 09, 2011
I don't think Mia had any thing to do with Tony Rocky Horror, in the pawn shop scene after MW's asshole invasion he says something to the effect of Having a bunch of hard pipe hitting motherfuckers that will go to work on zed with some needle nose pliers and a blow torch which leads me to believe he likes to make people who hurt him suffer before death...maybe Marcelus threw Tony out the window because Tony also butt raped him,,, He's supposed to be some hardened criminal but keeps bendin over =)...jk

by TyrannyOfEvilMen on April 01, 2012
I think Tony rocky horror had something to do with the briefcase/ he Loss of marsellus wallace's soul

Mia- "the truth is, no one knows why marsellus threw Tony off the balcony besides marsellus and Tony"
I'm not sure if that's the EXACT quote but it's the basic point

by Dustin Jones on May 31, 2012
I think Tony did give Mia a foot massage, and that's exactly why he was thrown out of a window. My reasoning is this: when Vincent first brings it up, Mia is amused by the situation and even jokes about it with the line "did it involve the F word?" But, when Vincent mentions the foot massage he clearly strikes a chord. Suddenly Mia is offended. So my theory is that Marcellus told Mia it was for a different reason in order to protect her feelings, and when Vince brings it up she begins to realize this but doesn't want to believe it so she lies to make herself feel better. We see in the movie that when Mia has had a little bit to drink she can be flirtatious, and had she not ODed Vince probably could have walked outta the bathroom and ultimately fucked her, so it's not too far of a stretch to assume that she would let Tony massage her feet. That's my two cents.

by ars89 on June 14, 2012
Answer to why Marsellus throw Antwan Rockomora off the Building??


Before i get into explaining why "Tony rock horror" got threw off the building. Let's take a look at the character of "Mia & Vincent."

"Mia & Vincent" are both young and sexy. They love sex,drugs,music etc etc blah blah.

Now Mr. Vincent has just returned from "Amsterdam (Land of Drugs & sex)",and Marsellus knows exactly the type of land Amsterdam is. He was also aware about the nature of Vincent. Marsellus knows he is a loyal dog, But not so loyal that he can trust with his "Sex & drugs loving maniac wife Mia".

Now Just look at the conversations from the Beginning of the Movie;

1.> The whole opening sequence is about Vincent inquiring about Mia because he doesn't probably know anything about her, and after knowing about the "Antwan & Marsellus case" he is more curious.

2.> Vincent just returned from Amsterdam he doesn't know anything about Mia

3.> Everybody knows about Mia's nature including the Bartender & Jules and the whole campfire.

4.> "Word around the campfire is" means everyone knows about Marsellus throwing "Antwan" off the building EXCEPT Vincent.

5.> Marsellus knew Jules will definitely explains what happened with "Antwan" to "Vincent" cause he knew Vincent will definitely ask Jules about Mia in detail. (and it was Jules nature to explain in details)


Marsellus threw Antwan off the building for NO Reason. All Marsellus wants to do is to create panic & fear around his camp and specially in Vincent, about the consequences for flirting with his wife.


Marsellus knew that Vincent will Fcuk Mia with no hesitation after the date. He made an example out of Antwan to put fear in all of his subordinates.

Now Just Look at the Conversation at MIA house after the Dinner.

1.> Vincent gets close to Mia, while dropping her at her house.

2.> Vincent talks to himself in the bathroom about how he should just walk away and not do a god dam thing. (Loyalty is been checked here)

Final Verdict:

All Marsellus wanted to do is to protected his stupid young wife from getting Fcuked from Vincent and "Antwan Rockomaora payed the price for being an example". Marsellus was successful in his plan to put fear in Vincent head.
If not Vincent and Mia would have ended up having sex.

That's why Jules knew a lot about "Mia, Marsellus & Antwan case", and it was Marsellus intentions to let Jules explains the consequence of touching her wife subconsciously to Vincent

by Peter Grueninger on June 30, 2012

Tony Rocky Horror was thrown off the building because he lost Marcellus Wallace's soul.

Marcellus Wallace pulled out his soul from the back of his head, so he could bet it on Butch's fight; which is why he has a band-aid on the back of his head when he talks to Butch. It is also why his speech regarding "f---ing pride" is ironic.

Marcellus's soul was put in a briefcase and given to Tony Rocky Horror to bet it on the fight. However, Fat Tony is a pot dealer who left the briefcase out while he was making a deal with some college kids.

Enterprising young Brett recognized the value of the glowing soul in the briefcase at Tony's home while buying pot to re-sell and stole the briefcase.

When Marcellus heard about the "soulnapping", he flew into a rage, and pitched Tony off the roof, and sent out his goons to rattle the cages for punk pot dealers.

Jules' young acquantance, Marvin, bought pot from Brett, and saw the case in Brett's place (which is also ironic). Marvin told Jules, Jules told Marcellus, and Marcellus called Brett up from dead Tony's cell at 7:02am... just after Brett and his stoner buddies got back from the 24hr Big Kahuna Burger.

Marcellus told Brett he had 20 minutes to produce the briefcase or he'd be a dead man. Marcellus said 20 minutes because that is roughly how long it would take Jules and Vincent to get to Brett's apartment. The call took 2 minutes.

Brett panicked, after much hand-wringing, he told his buddies who also panicked. One loaded a gun, the other smoked weed and collapsed on the couch, Brett tried to eat, and Marvin hung quietly in the background as he had been told to by Jules. Jules and Vincent arrive at 7:22, hold back 2 minutes, and when Brett failed to appear, they went in and got the case.

When Jules recovers the case, he becomes "the shepherd" of Marcellus's soul, and God intervenes. Jules shepherds the soul back to Marcellus.

Marcellus is furious at Butch because he almost lost his soul in a bet due to Butch's stunt. Marcellus intends to scour the earth for Butch, but God intervenes again when Butch's need to protect his Father's "soul" (aka - GOLD watch) drives them back together. A fight insues that ultimately ends in, truly, the valley of darkness.

Fortunately, Butch has recovered his father's soul, and is now a shepherd himself. Butch saves Marcellus's "soul" and Marcellus, finally understanding the connection between almost-lost pride and his almost-lost soul, lets Butch go with his winnings.

So, Tony fell through a greenhouse because he lost Marcellus' soul. Mia had nothing to do with Tony.

Instead, Mia is a beautiful siren that steals Vincent's heart/soul in a blown kiss, which ultimately leads to his demise... but that is another story.

by BAS on November 15, 2012
He didnt die, it just fucked up the way the nigga talks. Mia obviously knows but isn't saying, but it wasnt anything to do with her. She was smirking at the ridiculousness of the question.

by Pitt on January 16, 2013
I'm gonna make a few comments about the last 3 ideas and finally add my own scenario. Sorry it's so long but the show's 20 years old, so chill out honey bunny.

BAS wrote on November 15, 2012
"He didnt die, it just fucked up the way the nigga talks. Mia obviously knows but isn't saying, but it wasnt anything to do with her. She was smirking at the ridiculousness of the question. "

I agree with you, she knew more than she was letting on, and I don't think she really knows why he got tossed either.
She seems to be prepared for the gossip and enjoys it. She knows Tony Rockyhorror is talkin funny.
I think shes stretching the limits of what she actually knows as fact when she says only Tony and Big Man know why.

As his wife, Mia thinks she knows Marcellus pretty good and to hear "foot massage" as the reason for tossing Tony causes her, for a micro-second, to wonder if people like Vince Jules and English Bob know him better than she does. But she knows better and gives that snarky smirk.

We are still no closer to motive.

Regarding: Truth
Peter Grueninger wrote on June 30, 2012

"Tony Rocky Horror was thrown off the building because he lost Marcellus Wallace's soul."

Now that's one tasty burger!

Kudos to you for weaving all of those threads in to a nice tight story. I mean a total fucking fantasy world, but that's some seriously juicy story crafting, which is the whole point.
The MacGuffin inside the case was so well intergrated into the dialogue that you can really develop a strong side story without any actual evidence to support it.

For instance, there is no sign, other than eating burgers in the morning, that Brett and Co. had any involvement with pot, same with Tony Rockyhorror.
I suggest it's more reasonable that Jimmy is a pot dealer as determined by his wearing of a robe, just like Lance, but I digress.

I love what you did with it....that's the magic of the briefcase, it gets the audience creating in their own little Pulp Fiction universe.

by ars89 on June 14, 2012 wrote a great explaination in Machiavellian terms, as to why Mr Wallace would want to toss Tony Rockyhorror off the balcony, to keep control over Mia and "the campfire", especially Vincent.

While I agree with the facts regarding the conversation about Mia and Tony prior to the hit on Brett and Co., I don't think Marcellus is worried about Vincent coming back into town, because Vincent was running a club in Amsterdam for Marcellus (QT says so when talking about his ideas of the Vega bros movie) and has come back to LA at the request of his boss. It seems like there were plenty of other ways to let Vincent know not to touch Mia. Vincent was picked to do this with Mia, not the other way around. Plus look at that hug Vincent gets in the bar from Marcellus, and the way he knew to call him off Butch when he squared up his shoulders after calling him Punchy/Palooka. Marcellus KNOWS Vincent like a brother.

Ok now that I've picked apart those great ideas,
So why do I think Tony fell off the balcony?

I think it's a lot like how Marvin's face got blown off, an accident.
I can imagine it happened at 4:20pm on a Sunday while Marcellus was watching football with Tony.
Tony's girlfriend (out shopping with Mia) makes him go onto the balcony to smoke, but he's a BIG guy. Tony leans against the railing, which gives way, causing Tony to fall off his balcony and through the greenhouse.
Marcellus is left with a bowl of guacamole and a twitching 450lb hitman in a Raiders jersey. At that point he gets a couple of heavy lifting movers (with a wheelbarrow and a pickup truck) to drop Tony off (before Mia and the GF get back or course) at the ER, where he's worked on by Bonnie.
From there the

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