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The Gold Watch story in Pulp Fiction, an In-depth Analysis

Submitted by Pulp on August 27, 2012
The Gold Watch
Rob Ager, the film critic behind collativelearning.com gives an in-depth analysis of The Gold Watch scene in Pulp Fiction. He uses video and narrative to build a case that much more symbolism and story is being transmitted than first meets the eye.

Anyone with more than a casual interest in the film will appreciate Mr. Ager's analysis as it will give the viewer even more to think about during subsequent viewings of the film. Nicely done!

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I for Insightul!
by Pulp Sloth on September 07, 2012
It's a great (if a bit hard to understand accent-wise for yanks) analysis if the Gold Watch story. Given the deep insight of Mr. Ager and popularity of this move it would be great to see more analyses of the other stories in Pulp Fiction. Well done mate! I intend to watch all your other ones too.

by mccutcheon on September 08, 2012
Nice article. A bit of an over-analysis but that's the bread and butter of literary criticism, isn't it?

Re: mccutcheon
by wes on March 23, 2013
I too thought Ager's work was great, but an over-analysis of sorts. To me that watch symbolized honor. I think this movie is one of the greatest movies (if not the greatest) ever made. The watch was a significant plot device unlike perhaps the briefcase.

[No Subject]
by yea on July 08, 2013
Awesome stuff





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