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Mr Wolf''s First Scene

Submitted by Mojoe on June 01, 2008
What is going on the background when Mr. Wolf first appears on screen?

He is talking on the phone to Mr. Wallace. It's pretty early in the morning, he is well dressed, apparently in a hotel room. There are lots of other people there, all well dressed, even children. Does anyone know what is going on in the background in this scene?


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Re: Mr Wolf''s First Scene
by MrOrange on February 09, 2009
I must say This is Quiet an interesting question. I never actually pondered as to what was going on in the background. But anyway, let's see what we can dig up. But firstly, i doubt i will be able to give an actual definition as to what's going on, but i'll analyse the possible clues that we are presented with in hopes of getting a better idea of things.

So let's get started shall we?

Okay, to get a better viewpoint of what's going on, i just watched this scene. There isn't much information in front of us, but there are several things that are obvious.

Firstly, Mr.Wolf is in a bedroom on a phone (now before you start saying "duh" let's take into account what are the possible reasons as to why he is there).
The fact that there are beds in the room suggests that he may have spent the night there, but we can't just assume that. We have to back it up, in order to do this, i'll do a little math.

In the next scene,
Mr.Wolf says: "Your wife bonnie comes home in 9:30 in the a.m. is that correct?"

To which jimmy replies: "uh huh"

Mr Wolf then says: "I was led to believe that if she comes home and finds us here, she wouldn't appreciate it none too much?"

And Jimmy then replies: "Who would at that?"

To which Mr.Wolf says: "Right, that gives us...40 minutes to get the fuck out of dodge...etc"

Okay, now we can confirm that it was 8:50am in that scene, We are informed when Mr.wolf arrived that it took him 10 minutes (9 minutes and 37 seconds to be exact) to get there.
Which means that he received the phone call at 8:40am.

From this we can assume that he spent the night there (I mean honestly who gets up to go to anything at 8:40 in the morning?!). Now i could be wrong here, but there are also other reasons.

Secondly, Marcellus Wallace knew/found out that he was there.
So nobody would have probably known where he was if he just left his house before 8:40 in the morning (i am aware that this may not be the case), but to furthermore prove my point, Marcellus Wallace knew the phone number to the particular room there!
This is a crucial clue here, The fact Marcellus Wallace knew the phone number to a particular room there clearly suggests that he knew that the wolf was staying there overnight.
Now again, there may be other reasons, but if Marcellus knew where he was (but not the room) he would have just called the hotel or whatever it is.

So unless there are a lot of coincidences, it seems pretty obvious that Mr.Wolf Spent the Night here.
And What does this prove?
Well, nothing really. But again, it provides us with a clue, if Mr.Wolf spent the Night there, the event must have been somewhat important.

Now, let's observe the background, this part is rather interesting.

what catches most peoples attention would be the woman in the purple dress who seems to follow the camera until she walks out of frame.

I must beg to differ with what the original poster above said: "There are lots of other people there, all well dressed, even children."

I completely agree with everything, accept the children part. Although, until i observed it now, i thought there was children too. But if you observe closely, the woman in purple is talking to someone small at the start of the scene, as she stands up and walks away, we can see that the person was sitting on a chair, and forgive me if iI'm wrong, but seems to be an elderly lady. Who seems to be sitting and chatting with other elderly people who are all dressed rather formally.
When the lady in purlpe walks away, we can see a man and woman sitting on a couch drinking cocktails.
And in the background, we can hear a piano and a man at a microphone(that could be wrong).

Anyway, this occasion seems to be formal. Now, what occurs at 8:40am that is f

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Re: Mr Wolf''s First Scene
by MrOrange on February 21, 2009
Hello, I'm posting again because i came back to check and see was there any responses to my post. Even though there wasn't, when i tried to read the rest of it i noticed that i could not, there was an error. But luckily, i saved it on my PC just incase this happened, So i'll repost the rest.

Anyway, this occasion seems to be formal. Now, what occurs at 8:40am that is formal??

Before you answer that, i'll present you with the biggest clue of all!
Moments ago as i was typing the sentance refering to how formal the occasion seems to be, i played the scene one last time.
BUT! This time i noticed something different! Something totally obvious!

When Mr.Wolf says: Gimme the principals names."

In the background you can just make out the man at the microphone saying: "Place your bets..."

I thought i was just hearing things, but i played it over and over. It's pretty clear.

But then i noticed, the man at the micophone says "Place your bets" another time!

After Mr.Wolf writes down: VINCENT (WHITE)
And just before he writes: ONE BODY NO HEAD

The camera pans behind his head, when he says: ...Bonnie...

Just before he says "Bonnie" If you listen real closely, the man in the background says, "Place your bets"

To conclude, i believe that Mr.Wolf is at an auction in a hotel, early in the moring, auctions are always on very early, it would explain why everyone is so formal. And why the man in the background says: "Place your bets" twice.
If you want to take it a step further it might be a fundraiser or something since it's a bit too formal for just an auction and why Mr.Wolf Stayed overnight since perhaps he was organising it.
However, it mustn't have been too important, since after he left Monster Joe's, he took Racquel out to dinner. Which could mean it either wasn't very important or Perhaps it was over.

Anyway, I hope this Helped!! I'm not trying to state whether I'm right or Wrong, i'm just trying to state that after observing this scene and using some common sense, this is the conlusion i came to. And i hope that my observation has helped you in some way. But i'd also like to thank you in a small way, as i have now a more concrete knowledge as of Winston Wolf's Whereabouts and a theory (as well as possible evidence) of what was going on.
Well, that's all from me! Cya!

P.S: I hope i Win the Jack Rabbit Slims T-Shirt! ^_^

by winstonthewolf on March 06, 2009
I really want that jack rabbit slims shirt to add to my small collection with the monster joe truck and tow shirt with the "who keyed vince's car" question so ill give it my best. Mr wolfs a smart, popular, powerful fellow and as you know californa has alot of hotels and crime, gambeling so we know that when he says "it's thirty minutes away ill be there in 10 he's pretty close by, so a hotel has got to be in the vicinity.In the hotel if you look closley out the door of the bedroom you can see a dealer in a bowtie dealing cards saying "place your bets" also the table they are crowded around looks like a type of casino game type table and as you all know from watching movies or tv shows Like for example the SOPRANOS they host all the illeagle games in hotel rooms, so MR.wolf is wearing a tuxedo in the morning because he was in fact at a casino of some sort.Also Remember when Rakell (Don't know if that's spelt correctly) wants to go out for breakfast and wolf says "I havent slept all night don't you know the concept of sleep!" as you all know people always stay at poker games or at casinos all night long, You seen it in the sopranos all the time if you watched it. And he had a pocket full of cash to pay jimmie for using his blankets in the car "you an oak man jimmie?"--" Ya oaks nice" The reason for having all that cash was because he was using it to bet and win or lose. Its a fuckin casino of corse that's why he has all the money on him! Well i hope i win i did my best!

Re: winstonthewolf
by MrOrange on March 09, 2009
Your Idea is probably more accurate than mine but a few things struck me as being odd. So i checked it out. And as it turned out, i was right.

To Explain, You claim that Raquel said to The Wolf that SHE asked HIM to breakfast and he Replies: "I havent slept all night don't you know the concept of sleep!"

What the Hell? Where did you dig that out of?!

Allow me to recap.

Wolf: "Boys this is Raquel, someday all this will be hers."

Raquel: "Hi. So what's with the outfits? You guys going to a volleyball game or something?"

Wolf: "(Laughs) I'm taking my lady out to breakfast, maybe i can drop you two off, where do you live?"

Vincent: "Redondo."
Jules: "Inglewood."

Wolf: "It's your future. I see a... a cab ride. Move out of the sticks fellas'. Say good night Raquel"

Raquel: "Good Night Raquel."

Wolf: "I'll see you guys around, stay out of trouble you crazy kids."

Jules: "Mr. Wolf, I just wanna say it was a real pleasure watching you work."

Vincent: "Yeah Really and thank you Mr.Wolf."

Wolf: "Call me Winston. You see that young lady? Respect. Respect for ones elders shows Character."

Raquel: "I Have Character!"

Wolf: "Just because you are a Character, Doesn't mean you have it."

End Scene.

"I havent slept all night don't you know the concept of sleep!" never appears.

Also, i have my doubts about the blackjack dealer. There's a man in white and man in Black, both moving around at a table at the end of the screen. So it is possible, but hard to tell.

by winstonthewolf on March 12, 2009
No he dose say i haven't slept all night but it turns out it was in a deleted scene inside monster joe truck and tow "i got a little mixed up". Tarantino cut it because it was too long but its definitely there so those were tarantino's motives to explain that he was at a casino of some sort. If you have the 2 disc collectors set "like I do" pop in the 2nd disc if you don't you can find them on youtube although on youtube the quality is quit poor but you can clearly him mr.wolf state that he did in fact stay up all night. He was definitely at a casino "Racket"

Re: at last!
by winstonthewolf on March 14, 2009
okay, today i finally got the answer and i was right to begin with! i took a look at Tarantino's original screenplay to see the answer! here it is.........


The CAMERA looks through the bedroom doorway of a hotel suite
into the main area. We SEE a crap game being played on a
fancy crap table by GAMBLERS in tuxedos and LUCKY LADIES in
fancy evening gowns. The CAMERA PANS to the right revealing:
Sitting on a bed, phone in hand with his back to us, the
tuxedo-clad WINSTON WOLF aka "THE WOLF". We also see The
Wolf has a small notepad that he jots details in.

So this goes to show that i was already right from the start "MAN I GOOD !" so he's at a hotel and it is a casino type deal

by Rebellious_Cody on April 16, 2009
Mr. Wolf Is My Favorite Out Of Pulp Fiction!!!

Re: first scene
by PulpFan on August 07, 2009
As he's wearing the tux in the early morning, there has to be either a formal event taking place in the day or he has been to one the previous night that he has stayed at. We can assume he has no legal work because he was readily available and very well known and respected by Marcellus and Jules. This means he wasn't at a work event, so it must be social. Also because he is in the bedroom taking the call it is likely that he stayed there before. He wasn't planning to stay for the morning because he was able to go sort their problem and then go for breakfast with raquelle. If that's true then the event in the background may be nothing to do with Mr. Wolf and he is just there from somethng else. But we do know that it was planned because Marcellus knew he would be there so he was definately there for some sort of event. Most likely, from the previous night.

Mr. Wolf's entrance
by Patrick Massett on August 18, 2009
I always thought he was at a Wake or some sort of funeral service. It looked like a formal event with family involved. Especially at that time in the morning, usually funeral services are held in the AM. I haven't studied this, and cannot prove it, but it was the logical thing for me. I just read some comments, and heard about the "place your bets" thing. I'll have to put it on, yet again, and hear this.

Re: they are gambling
by ckholdem181 on May 26, 2011
guys I know exactly what he was doing. In the back ground there was a game being player called baccaratt. I know this because I am a dealer at a casino. You can here them...the dealer....saying bank wins with natural 8...please place your bets. He is in a tux because many people that play that game gamble very very big and often there is a dress code. They are up that early because gamblers dont care about time...most often they have no idea what time it is. They had been up all night gambling. Liten to what they are saying not what they are doing when wolf first gets the call. I am 100% on this. There is only one thing that they can be doing....when somebody says place your bets....natural 8 wins for the bank.
Also they are in california....there are no places to gamble like that with mini or big baccaratt....so there are many private games that are delt....which I also used to do. I am not guessing on this at all. I know it for a fact.

by None of yo buisness on July 31, 2011
Theres a gambling thing or a casino party cause i have the script and it says in the background come on give me some sixes and a bunch of other casino talk

by LashLarue on February 20, 2012
I have a question. when Marvin gets shot in the car he obviously was hit in the head. All the dialogue says so, brain matter scattered, etc. Mr Wolf writes that there is a body with no head. Yet, while watching the DVD, when they go to put the garbage bag with the bloody clothes in the trunk, there is Marvin. He has some blood on his face but it is fully intact. Did they not care or did they not expect some whack like me to pause the DVD to examine his body. he doesn't look like he was shot at all. just found it strange

Re: Mr. Wolf's First Scene.
by DeliciousHulk on March 04, 2013
Mr. Wolf was at his Mother's house that morning after flying in from a casino in Japan, the night before. He was taking care of his business, when he received a phone call that informed him that a 'Loved One' had recently passed away and 'The Wake' would be held at his Mother's house, as she was elderly, devastated and in no condition to travel at the time. So, Mr. Wolf took the first flight, picked up his car at the airport and raced to his Mother's home, where some family member's were already gathering to show their respects. Maybe, it'll all be revealed in the prequel.

Re: What's happening in Wolf's first scence
by Panatella on August 19, 2013
It looks like casino gambling.

Re: ckholdem181
by manahei on December 19, 2013
ckholdem181 is correct.





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