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The Briefcase & The Band-Aid

Submitted by hedy on November 14, 2000
The Briefcase & The Band-Aid
Can anyone tell me what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?

And what is the Band-Aid on the back of Marsellus's neck about? Is there a connection? You never see or hear anyone say what's in the case. Thanks!


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Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
Posted by Pulpon July 24, 2007
The conspiracy theory is that Marcellus Wallace had his soul removed through a hole in his neck and it somehow ended up in the "glowing suitcase" that Vince and Jules retrieves from Brett's apartment.

Another theory is that Marcellus Wallace had a scar on his neck and the Band-Aid was simply there to cover an ugly scar. Personally I believe the first theory. After all, why would anyone care if a gangster had a scar? Aren't gangsters supposed to be scarred?

But it makes more sense to believe the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs were in the suitcase and that the scar on the back of Marcellus's head is just that... an unrelated scar. What do other people think?

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by Vick-ee-x on August 10, 2007
My friend did about Tarantino in College.
It is Wallace's soul in the suitcase, because in China or somewhere, they believe you can take your soul out, and it gets removed from the back of your neck and thats why he has the plaster on.

Then you see Wallace with no plaster on and that is because he has the suitcase back with his soul in.


Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by Chris on August 24, 2007
"It's TRUE that Marcellus, or more appropriate, Ving Rhames, had a scar at the back of his head, and when Ving heard about the 'over-the-shoulders'
shot he didn't want anyone too see (Must have been a really bad scar!).
"You can find that fact on IMDb trivia section, along with many other intresting facts". "When Ringo and Yolanda are talking in the cafe at the beggining off the movie, you can actually see Vincent going too the bathroom to 'Take a Piss'."

"As for the briefcase, Tarantino announced that "It's whatever the viewer wants it to be"along with the 'miracle' it's the viewers own opinion' do you agree with Jules (Miracle) or Vincent (Luck)."

Hope I helped.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by emeraldeyes on September 07, 2007
According to wikipedia... Tarantino has stated there is no explanation for contents of the briefcase. It was originally going to contain the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs, but they decided against it. In an interview with Tarantino's fellow director and friend Robert Rodriguez, he said that the knowledge of the contents of the briefcase radically alters one's understanding of the movie.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by t on September 20, 2007
I don't usually post messages on message boards. I had to post here. I registered specifically for it. I'm sure a lot of you will have fun w/ my post and this will grow into a large thread... judging from the wise replies already posted. I was looking for a song on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack and Hedy's question caught my eye. I am a Tarantino fan and have always known what was in the briefcase. It wasn't that hard to figure out. I'm not sure if Tarantino will ever really say what should be in the briefcase according to the movie and it's trivial nature. What I can say is that the clues in the movie point to one thing and that is how I figured it out.
As for what was actually in the briefcase on the set: it was very shiny and produced a glare on Ringo's face. It also practically gave him a hard on. I think it also produced a glare on Vincent's face in the apartment earlier that morning, I can't quite remember. It was supposed to be how Marcellus cleans his gangster income (launders his dirty laundry); he most likely did this by investing in gold bricks.
I hope this clears it up and I hope I didn't blurb too much b4 giving it up. I just wanted to add a little suspense in the spirit of one of our favorite movies. I hope I didn't offend anyone by letting the secret out, if I did, feel free to rant and rave and rip me to shreds. I won't reply.. but I'll read your replies just for the fun of it and I'll enjoy all of the colorful ways you can find to tear me up.
I can't figure out the band aid thing.. sry.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by damnit on September 26, 2007
You ranted and raved about it so long like you were a fucking genius for figuring out the first thought in everybody's head. The idea is that gold is too easy.
Some clarification: earlier posts are right, whats in the breifcase is whatever you want it to be. tarantino and robert pretended to clear this up on an episode of artist on artist but
On set: on set it was simply a battery pack and a yellow bulb.
Now enjoy the movie!! :D

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by axolotl on October 02, 2007
One interpretation is as follows:

The symbolism is a reference to something from religion. A man's soul can be taken through the back of the neck, thus Wallace's scar. Wallace was trying to use what was in the brief case, to "buy" his soul back. Note that the combination to the briefcase was 666. In a sense you could say that the briefcase represented Wallace's salvation. Also note that Jules, who carries the brief case, has a tendency to "preach" (to his future victims:)

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by big-kahoona-burger on October 23, 2007
i have to agree wid the other guy and one tarriontino i no i spelt it rong but hoo gives a fuck as i was saying one hes not that dumb to put gold in it and if it was gold bricks then no one could pick it up i no it was sad i no that but fuck u o and that soul crap what the fuck

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by calijen on November 18, 2007
Actually, Ving Rhames has a scar on his neck and didn't want it to be seen. The make-up could not cover up so the band-aide was a quick fix.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by muzzer on November 26, 2007
It wasnt a scar on the back of his head, it was a spot, and tarantino hated it because all the scenes with his back turned didnt look to pretty
I think it was just a last minuit thing tarantino said before shooting rarther than the whole prosess of makeup etc

as for the breifcase i cant remember the name for it but it uses it in other films than resevour dogs and Pulp Fiction but they deliberatly dont tell/show us because it leaves suspence

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by marv0723 on December 11, 2007
The Case: The Holy Grail

The Band Aid: A common Negro Scar. Black skin scars more predominantly than white skin. Band aid is a cosmetic solution and provoking bit of trivia.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by colossus106 on December 11, 2007
Hey Bad mother fuckers, i have the pulp fiction double disk dvd and within reveals all. The suitcase however is not revealed for an item in any film that only moves the story along but hasnt any real significance to the story is what as known as a McGuffin. However the plaster on the back of Marcellus Wallace's head is revealed, the actor playing Marcellus has a scar on the back of his head and make-up decided to put a plaster on, its that simple. Pulp Fiction is the telling of stories that is improbable to happen, having someone's soul removed from the neck is impossible. However a good theory, but highly unlikely.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by Cindy on December 15, 2007
I think there is drugs,money, and maybe some diamonds in the breifcase, and I think marsellus band aid thing is that maybe half of his neck got like removed in a bad gangsta fight so probably if he took off the band aid like thered be blood all over the place.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by samnabag on December 18, 2007
Ok ok. I have to be the one that breaks the conspiracy theories on this. The actor that played Marcellus Wallace has a scar on the back of his neck so he put a bandaid on top since he was a bit self-conscious about it. If you go back to the scene where he talks to Buch about going down in the 5th you can see the actually bump of the scar within the bandaid.
What ever is in the suitcase has to be of gold/yellow color since you see a yellow/gold light when it is opened. Therefor, it must be gold bars in the case.

IF there were diamonds in the suitcase it wouldnt glow yellow! In fact, it wouldn't glow at all. Only gold bars would make that glow.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by C_riss07 on January 09, 2008
fuck the breaf case... does anyone know what types of guns used vincent and jules?

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by mikhail123 on February 06, 2008
Okay... now to be quite honest... anybody asking a question like this... must not call him self a Tarantino fan (I'm not saying you call yourself a big fan)...
well the truth is (i believe) that Mr. Tarantino used the briefcase as a MacGuffin.. which is a cinematic device used to motivate the plot...
in other words its put there to make ladies and gentlemen (like yourself).. post threads like this!

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by Moe on February 09, 2008
I have read all your comments on this, most of you had it right but were not sure although you have all the clues in the movie to support it and make it clear and be sure for ever with no doubt, it's Marcellus's soul, that's why he had the patch on his nick and these patches are used when you have a cut not when you have a scar !!! when Vincent opened the bag he used the combination 666 which refers to the devile as he takes souls so Bret and his friends were associates for the devil, now...when Jules & Vincent got the bag with the soul, a guy comes out shooting at them but he hits nothing ! there's even a bullet in the wall right behind jules which means it went through him but nothing happened !!! it was devine intervention as they were the sould guardians now and god interfeard :)))) I'm from Dubai in the middle east, never even been to the US and I could figure it out, shame on you :P you gotta love Tarantino to really understand his style !

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by firechief10 on February 10, 2008
Gold bars

Re: Pulp Fiction: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by Debi on February 25, 2008
It is supposed to be left up to your imagination. For fuck's sake. You nut jobs with you ideas on souls and shit. Give me a break.

Re: Pulp Fiction: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by mongoose678 on March 19, 2008
what the hell?
its also in the movie 'lord of the rings'
its frodo's weed!

Re: Pulp Fiction: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by rancidjunkie on April 02, 2008
These theories, could be true.. but Quentin doesn't want us to know, it would ruin the fun of letting our imaginations run wild.

The one about Marsellus's soul is the most popular, and of course the Diamonds from Reservoir Dogs, as well as the bricks theory, which I don't really believe.

There's also one about it being Elvis's gold suit.

All these are possibilities that we'll never know. I wonder if Quentin will take that to his grave?

Re: Pulp Fiction: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by xdirtyboots on April 03, 2008
I know the band-aid is just from when Ving Rhames was shaving his head, and he cut it on accident, and he put a band-aid on it.

You can interpret the suitcase however you want, but it's just supposed to represent the idea of "the-thing-everybody-is-after" and willing to kill/die for. It's just glowy because, whatever it is, it's "illustrous" and beautiful.

Re: Pulp Fiction: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by brill301 on April 20, 2008
I thought it was marsellus's "SOUL"

Re: Pulp Fiction: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
Posted by agon60on May 04, 2008
i was watching an interview on howard stern and somebody asked tarantino about the briefcase and he said all those rumors are false. he said that himself and avery purposely wrote it so that the viewer could decide for themselves what it was

Re: brief case
by ocdfan on May 17, 2008

Re:contents of brief case and band-aid
by mofo23 on May 19, 2008
Hey y'all,
I'm hung over and a shitty typist so I'll keep this short. I have a very good audio/home theatre system and my curiosity as to what is in the briefcase is that, on my system you can clearly hear the golden glow humming in time with the fluctuation of the glow, like some type of cinematic nuclear humming device. So, gold bricks don't hum and I think Tarantino is just trying to keep us guessing by not divulging the truth. Also, I have seen the back of Ving's neck in another movie, and he does have a scar, but if he is so self-conscious about the scar, why didn't he cover it up in the other movie. Bottom line, between the 666, the hum and the band-aid, and Ringo looking mesmerized while commenting on the beauty of the briefcase's contents, I think that it's Marsellus' soul and Tarantino won't admit it just to keep the whole mystery and guessing going.

by luvLayne on June 01, 2008
I always thought the bandaid was a sarcastic wound associated with shaving your head in general. The golden glow couldn't be gold bars, too heavy, everyone saw it in their own fantasy, through their own "gold tinted glasses"

by SHAWN NICHOLS on June 01, 2008

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by Nephilim on June 07, 2008
OBVIOUSLY its his damn soul, the Chinese mythology and Tarantino's creative writing should prove to be enough, and all those who said its not and "highly unlikely" are stupid boring people who don't believe in anything besides their own two eyes. But I think Tarantino is stupid for not telling us, I hate when writers say "we'll leave it up to the audience to decide", they are the ones who are the writers and should make up their damn minds! Gold bars and anything else solid is just boring and cliche, I love that he throws a bit of mythology in there, he should just come right out and say its his soul, people will go back and watch the movie and I think, appreciate it more, and Tarantino's creativity.

by boombkem on July 13, 2008
listen up and listen good..........

band aid? yes he has a scar in real life, not for the purposes of the film. but he as the band aid cos the DEVIL did take his motherfucking soul! ancient Chinese mythology fuckbitches, suggests that the devil takes a motherfucking soul from the back of the bitch ass neck!! but hes got a scar!?! shut the fuck up...our man quentin is an articulate intelligent mother fucking, he knows that people will say the devil and others will say scar, thats what the man wants... and you know what its what he gets!!

talk some more.....start of the film, that crazy bitch hunny bunny gives it the old "any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every mother fucking last one of you" but at the end of this bad ass punk ass bitch ass film she says.."any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute everyone of you mother fuckers!" Mistake by the great man? what do you think numb nuts! anither wicked ploy to gets dumb bitches like you reading this shit talking...and what you doing? its 2am in your little dark room and your googling this shit!

in summary, the man quentin is a fucking genius and he knows what he doing, he is getting your crazy stupid dumbass motherfuckers talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. you wont forget this film, you wont forget his name, marcellus soul, motherfucker!! marcellus sooul

peace out with much love

by BadMOFo19 on July 14, 2008
ok so to everyone saying the light is only gold, there's a part where the light is red. so that means its obviously not gold bars in there. and everyone is awed by the suitcase, and honey bunny says "its beautiful" when he sees it. almost all religions state that the soul is the most beautiful part of a human being. so since marcellus sold his soul to the devil, it was red in the beginning. but when vince and jules were getting it back, it was gold.
also i have an explanation for the "miracle". vince and jules were unharmed by the man cannon, since they were doing the work of god, getting his soul back. and personally i think the band aid scar explanation doesnt really fly...wallace is a badass gangster, why would they care if he has a scar in real life?? i think the soul thing is more likely. far fetched and you can take it or leave it. let me know what you think.

Re: Reply
by Zachrichter on July 17, 2008
The briefcase will always be a mystery, but the band aid was to cover up a scar on the back of Ving Rhames neck.

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by kingjef1 on August 24, 2008
Ok, heres what I personally think, at the rape scene you find out that Wallace doesn't like to kill people right away, he likes to make them suffer, so maybe the man he dropped out the window (the one who everyone thought gave Mia the footrub), was the one who took Wallace's "soul" from his neck, and Wallace wanted to make him suffer for it, and then as in the movie, Vincent and Jules have to recover his soul. But that is just my theory.

Re: The Briefcase and the Bandaid
by CBR44 on August 26, 2008
Although there are a few theories out there, we can only guess and keep guessing and commiting ourselves to believe that we know what's contained inside this case that is of great importance to Mr. Wallace. It's got a bright glow, the case has a strange combination, everyone who has seen the contents becomes mesmerized by it's beauty and for some reason some young men decided to risk they're saftey over whatever it is.....that's all I know about this. The theories are very interesting though, I'll give you that. Maybe QT should go the Carly Simon route and auction off the answer to this question to anyone who wants to pay top dollar to obtain it.

by kgbeat on September 01, 2008
In the briefcase is the Oscar.

Re: The Glow
by CBR44 on September 11, 2008
The theory that it may contain the soul of Marsellius is possible. What tips me off about this is when Jules and Vincent open fire on Brett the "glow" is again visable. Could that have been Brett's soul leaving his body?

by polon1um on October 12, 2008
This is over complicated. The briefcase contained gun and wallace was injecting direct into his nervous system

by Ritchie_Frost on November 01, 2008
I like the soul theory. But a couple of questions come up. Why did those frat boys have it? And how does one put the soul back in?

by Emceetricky on December 04, 2008
Never in the movie does marsellus stress that he even needs the briefcase. If it was that important to him there would be a scene where he described how much he wants the briefcase. This shows that whatever is in the briefcase is whatever the viewer wants it to be. And if ving rhaymes was just trying to hide a scar why would Tarantino do so many closeups of the back of his neck. The band aid is obviously something more significant.

by jimmie on December 13, 2008
we are talking about band aid 'cause is good looking! yes the scare but...good looking. That's the reason in quentin's brain. the briefcase...(quentin's brain)...mystery...just something to make mad us!!!

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid
by soto_QT on January 05, 2009
One of the teories is that it is in fact the soul of Marsellus Wallace .This is one of the teories that makes the most sense(in a fictional way) because it is said that when one sells there sole to the devil the soul is extracted from the back of the head this explains the band-aid and since most things that are spiritual (saints ,halos,etc.)are thought to glow or produce light that might be why the suitcase glows.

What Soul?
by Looney on January 20, 2009
Nah, not his soul... a nice coincidence that works for the mystique. It's a MacGuffin, and the glowing case is a ref to the bang-up noir film "Kiss Me Deadly" from around '56 or so. Simple-simple...

Re: whats in the briefcase and a few more tid-bitz
by cwat on January 21, 2009
First and foremost the briefcase is a story tellers tool known as a “Mcguffin”.
Definition: McGuffin -noun
In film, a plot device that has no specific meaning or purpose other than to advance the story; any situation that motivates the action of a film either artificially or substantively; also written MacGuffin .
Etymology: Alfred Hitchcock's term, based on a story where this device was used in a story set on a Scottish train.

With that in mind it is supposed to represent "The Devil's Deal" the idea of The thing that holds the most value to the person looking at it(everyone would see something different), and willing to kill/die or sacrifice everything you are and or have to possess it. It has a golden illumination because, whatever it is you hold in such high regards must be so illustrious and beautiful that it emits an almost heavenly glow. Remember your true heart’s desire always looks so much brighter than how you view everyday wants.

The Combination being 666 (in my opinion) symbolizes the evil that we unleash (or unlock) by pushing past at any cost, what we know to be good right and true to obtain that which we hold in such high regards. If you think about it every time we inch our way over that moral line drawn in the sand it just makes it that much easier the next time. with that in mind we can never really posses our hearts desire, because as soon as we have it then we as a society look for the bigger better version, hence its unattainable but still we gave up our morals only to be left wanting more.

As for the band-aid well... Sometimes a band-aid is just a band-aid. I think people were reading more than was actually intended or thought of by QT, with his ability to make us question the underlying meaning of his films I think he would have had more center focus on the band-aid and left us with more questions, I mean come on the Ball-Gag had more center focus than it and I don’t hear any hidden meaning about that. (Nor do I want to.) But the one thing I didn’t hear mentioned was all the clocks during the movie were stopped(quirky trademark of the film) the time shown on most of them was 4:20, 2 were stopped at a different time.
Someone earlier asked what kind of guns Vincent & Jules had. The gun Vincent uses is a 1911A1 Auto Ordnance .45 ACP pistol that has been chromed and given pearl grips. Jules' gun is a Star Model B 9mm pistol that has been chromed and given pearl grips, too

by profchaos33 on February 10, 2009
My dick was in the briefcase ^_^

by genius66 on April 16, 2009

Re: the brief case & the band aid
by simonjohn on May 08, 2009
marcellus wallace has 666 under the band aid on his neck. the reason for this is that marcellus wallace is the devil & the devil trades in souls.the item in the brief case is a soul, which as we know is being delivered to him by vincent vaga.( if only we all knew what a soul looked like!!?apart from a glowing gold colour ) except mr vaga himself who had a bad mishap with a toaster!! and is dead.

Re: the brief case & the band aid
by simonjohn on May 08, 2009
marcellus wallace has 666 under the band aid on his neck. the reason for this is that marcellus wallace is the devil & the devil trades in souls.the item in the brief case is a soul, which as we know is being delivered to him by vincent vaga.( if only we all knew what a soul looked like!!?apart from a glowing gold colour ) except mr vaga himself who had a bad mishap with a toaster!! and is dead. this in turn is why when bruce willis ( old punchy) runs marcellus clean over and he does not die is because you cant kill the devil because he is already dead. are we all on the same page now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: the brief case & the band aid
by simonjohn on May 08, 2009
marcellus wallace has 666 under the band aid on his neck. the reason for this is that marcellus wallace is the devil & the devil trades in souls.the item in the brief case is a soul, which as we know is being delivered to him by vincent vaga.( if only we all knew what a soul looked like!!?apart from a glowing gold colour ) except mr vaga himself who had a bad mishap with a toaster!! and is dead. this in turn is why when bruce willis ( old punchy) runs marcellus clean over and he does not die is because you cant kill the devil, because he is already dead. are we all on the same page now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: The Brief Case & the Band-Aid THE TRUTH!!!
by moe39 on June 19, 2009
Ok ill tell all of the pulp fiction followers the answer. Now the reason why Wallace has a band aid on the back of his neck is because he had his soul taken away by the guy he threw out the window! Why did the guy take his soul, how do you take an other mans soul that question is for a other thread my friends, but anyways i will give you guys info on why this is! 1st when vincent opens the case, the combination is 666 devils number. Now you can say the guy that Wallace threw out the window is the spawn of the devil or something IDK. But anyways now when that guy comes out of the bath room and starts shooting at them and does not hit either of them, why you might ask, well because they are holding the briefcase which has Wallace's soul! Then they pop caps in hes chest. Also every time juilles has the case he starts preaching about god, this case makes him see the right path! So he quits his job, now vincent on the other hand witch does not quit or follows the right path dies because of it! Also in china they think you can take a mans soul threw his neck hence why its on his neck, and he even talks about it when looking for the boxer (look back at the movie when their in the room with the dead man that the boxer killed) sorry for not knowing the names. And at the end of the movie because of the brief case jullies knows what that stuff from the bible means because of the case! Now you might ask why did vincent kill bret and friends, why ,well because he was helping the devil with Wallace soul! Now for all the people that think its gold, well wrong, does anybody know how heavy gold it, VERY. Why do you think Wallace is going out of town, well because he is getting his soul back into him by a china guy IDK dont ask, Why do i know all of this? Because Tarantino said it in his 1996 interview i have it on dvd i will post it on youtube if i get enough request for it sorry for bursting all of your guys bubbles! This is my favorite movie in the world, my favorite actor Samuel l Jackson.And also if you refer after Wallace has the brief case you get a shot at his neck with no band-aid after he comes home from that china guy that gives him back his soul. Its all in the interview with him, if i get enough requests i will put it on youtube!!!!!! This is a fan site. We have nothing to do whatsoever with Mr. Tarantino
besides the fact we love him and his fabulous movies.

by darc_poet on July 02, 2009
Macguffin.....I hate that this term is used for what was originally known as a Chekov's Gun. I mean even the term chekov's gun sounds so much cooler.

Whats in the case is unimportant. Im glad that Quentin decided against using the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs in this movie. Mainly because the whole begining diner scene would make no sense because Tim Roth is the first thing you see in this movie, and he is british. Would have just been an ugly cluster fuck in my opinion. I have heard the soul theory, and it makes sense, but what is the point of trying to figure out something that isn't meant to be figured out. It could just as easily been the aliens from repo mans trunk, or whatever was in there. To me, whatever you want it to be, thats what it is.

It most probably is a soul
by Fokavius on July 16, 2009
The most probable content of the briefcase is a soul. The glowing and humming produced upon its being opened combined with the ease with which we see it being wielded, especially by Vincent Vega*, both rule out the possibility of its content being gold bars** and lend much credence to the soul theory. Furthermore, nothing short of a divine object could account for the raptures or shock experienced by everyone who is given the oportunity to glance at the content of the briefcase. Vincent's reaction is uneasiness, and possible reflective disinterest, dismissiveness or disbelief, while Honey Bunny & Punkin are dazzled, intoxicated, and awestruck. This too, if we are to assume that they did see a soul in the briefcase, is in concurrence with thier characters: Vincent is sceptical, and hardly religious; Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are meek, (god)fearing, and insecure. Or maybe since the soul, on some level, could be viewed as what one considers to be most valuable - what each one of them could have seen was what they considered to be the most radiant, and sacred, or even their pure idea of radiance and sacredness. This supports the McGuffin theory which actually in its own right supports the soul theory.

The band-aid, even if served to hide Wallace's actor's scar, still does not by any means eliminate the possibility that it had been employed as a clue by Mr. QT, especially since it was removed in the scenes after Wallace had received the briefcase. Is it not more than possible that that very actor got the role in the first place because of his conveniently placed scar? After a soul has been removed from a person by making an incision into the back of his neck, and then re-introduced into the same person through the same incision, wouldn't it be neat to have an actor who actually has a cicatrice at that very part of his body? Gee, I think so.

But... are we really sure it is Marcelus's soul that is inside that briefcase?

Does it not make sense that Marcelus Wallace could have previously sold his own soul to the Devil, and then obtained Tony Rocky Horror's soul*** as a replacement thus effectively cheating the Alfa-cheater himself?

In which case, the divine intervention that Jules Winnfield claimed he experienced was actually sheer coincidence in which Vincent so believed and by which he lost his life.

Or did Tony Rocky Horror steal Marcelus Wallace's soul in order to blackmail him, but got what it was coming to him and got to spend the remainder of his days in a vegetative state?

In which case, the divine intervention was an act of God helping a man who was bringing a soul back to its proprietor.

Bratt and his gang in each case are likely to have been Tony's cat's paw, which in turn explains why they had shown hesitation in handing over the briefcase.

*Vincent has no trouble brandishing it, suddenly and very rapidly flipping it over even - before opening it - and we can hear no sounds coming from the inside of the case during the process - a subtle way for Mr. QT to suggest that whatever is in that briefcase it is not heavy, it is not in separate pieces, and fills up the entire space of its interior.
** Gold, if not in some excitated state, does not hum, and would render Vincent Vega's effortlessness while handling the briefcase next to impossible, or awfully noisy at the very least.
*** Which would explain in a way the speech impediment he developed.

Re: The Brief Case
by remogaagi on July 26, 2009
It's piracetam from Bulk Nutrition. That's what the whole movie is about.

Re: Suitcase
by Snape on August 10, 2009
I saw Pulp Fiction again the other night and was struck by how Tim Roths character Pumpkin responds with complete awe and wonder when the contents of the case are revealed to him in the diner scene by Jules (Samuel L. Jackson).

'Is that what I think it is? It's beautiful.'

'That' and 'It' would seem to discount the possibillity of diamonds or gold. One gold bar? Hardly a Kings ransom. Diamonds casting a golden light? Hmm ...

I agree with most of the comments posted here. What's inside the case is actually unimportant and if provided with an answer we'd find it an anti climax. QT is playing with audience curiosity by having Roth's character speak those lines. He's taken the notion of Hitchcock's MacGuffin, (something that can be ambiguous, completely undefined, generic or left open to interpretation), and teased our expectations. He's the perfect director for our post-modern, conspiracy theory culture; if you don't get the answer you want then you create more questions!

Great movie.

Re: you ignorant motherfuckers....
by TonyRockyHorror on August 10, 2009
first of all, since when do gold bricks produce light? (HAHAHAH idiots)

let me break it down for you..

while all of you have been REPEATING THE SAME CLICHES ABOUT THE MOVIE YOUVE BEEN OVERHEARING FOR THE PAST DUNNO-HOW-MANY YEARS about 666 on the briefcase and the band aid and blah de fuckin blah, none of you have decided to look further at the, get this, symbolism, motifs and themes for the film!!!

i heard at least one cat say God stopped the bullets since they were messengers from God and that the frat boys were devils workers. props to you. examine even closer the tid bits of dialogue between them in that particular scene. ever hear that old saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"? remember when jules pops flock-of-seagulls, and retorts "oh im sorry, did i break your concentration? continue; you were saying something about 'best intentions'".....

on the surface, tarantino has created a new brand of gangster comedy that examines american culture, not just the old pop culture of the 70's, but the way we live within our comofrtable lives through the eyes of some people living in a criminal underbelly. the true meat of this picture is the spiritual journey each of the main characters takes.

One word you need to keep in mind the next time you watch this flick: REDEMPTION. After jules and vince are given a second chance, Jules heeds the call while Vince remains ignorant, and what happened? he got sprayed by Butch. and what happened after Butch escaped the clutches of the perverts? he turned around, did the courageous thing by reentering the depths of hell to save the man who wanted him dead, and was given a free walk. After all, having just been reunited with his soul, im sure Wallace was experiencing a mighty change of heart....

look, now that i got the gears turning, go reexamine my favorite movie and look for more connections such as this.

enjoy, be peace.

Re: briefcase contents
by axolotl on November 10, 2009
Okay, it's been over two years since I posted 'Marsellus's soul'. We now know that is not valid, because Ving Rhames had a sore on the back of his neck and it was covered with a bandaid.
The McGuffin theory is only partially correct. The briefcase does contain whatever you want it to contain. However, this applies to the characters too. For Vincent, drugs; for Ringo, gold; for Marsellus, money.

Most importantly, for Jules it contains enlightenment (in the Buddhist sense). The movie has an underlying theme of Buddhism. Jules knows what each of the others sees in the case ("Wisdom is knowing others, enlightenment is to know yourself")

btw, Butch achieves sudden enlightenment when he awakens from his dream of the gold watch.

Details for the above briefcase theory
by axolotl on June 27, 2010
Check this web site for details of the 'enlightenment theory':


the Can Analyze blog.

by Pulp Sloth on December 23, 2010

by baalroo on January 12, 2011
strange there would be three years of comments and no mention of the spear of destiny. in christian mythology it's the spear that was driven into christ's ribs when he was on the cross and although it grants immortality to any man who possesses it, losing the spear dooms you to death.

if you want to include the bandaid on the neck it could be assumed that marsellus sold his soul in order to procure the spear.

This would also explain why the bullets go straight through jules and vincent when they have just procured the case, why vincent (supposedly a top flight professional hitman) accidentally shoots marvin in the face for no reason shortly after they take the case from him, and why vincent ends up making a rookie mistake and gets shotgunned by butch shortly after jules takes the case to deliver it to marsellus.

The only person to make it out alive is Jules, who "sees the light," gives the case away with no remorse, and decides to walk a spiritual path.

Re: briefcase and the band aid
by dalejr on February 04, 2011
tarantino refers to the briefcase as a mcguffin. For those who havent heard of this means he wants u to believe whatever is in that case in your own mind. Thats why its never explained. He wants u to make up your own mind which again i am referring back to what he calls a MCGUFFIN. Everyone is making it out more then what it really is. The band aid situation was that he was so self conscience about all these back head shots no make up would cover the scare to where he felt comfortable about it. No make up could correct so they used the last resort which may be odd trying to make a big deal out of something so simple and not what it was meant to turn out to be by everyone discussing it. African scars are harder to disguise then a caucasions. Thus the purpose of the band aid. Alot of people have blown these questions way out of purportion. Certain things i can go with but this is alittle far fetched. Think what u may of me but to think these weird accusations makes u pretty strange yourself.

by Diddycoz on February 17, 2011
The glow has more meaning than just "what you make of it". I've seen similarities with Pulp Fiction, The Last Dragon and LOST. I call it The Glow Project.. you can watch it here...

by Matt on February 24, 2011
Let me clear this up: Tarantino said himself that it's up to the viewer to decide what's in the briefcase. There is no absolute answer to this at all. Of course, there are excellent theories that make total sense, but inevitably, it's the viewers interpretation.

by HandfulOfPeter on April 23, 2011
I believe that Marcellus made a deal with the devil to make Mia Wallace marry him in exchange for his soul, and she does but she doesn't love him, so the devil fucked him over. So Marcellus sends Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta to go into those guys house where he eats there cheeseburger etc and John Travolta gets the case and puts the code in "666" which contains Marcellus soul. Once Marcellus gets his case back into his possession he has that gunfight with Bruce Willis and he gets fucked (again) literally this time by those hicks, so the devil won, and another reason is near the end Tim Roth is stunned and almost hypnotised by what is inside the case because the soul is supposed to be a beautiful thing. And I think the bandaid is on Marcellus neck because it's covering up a tattoo of "666" because the devil owns him? Idk that's what I think anyway.

Bibelreading soulmagic!
by 126soul on April 24, 2011
Vincent Vega for one would not loose his concentration for neither gold or jewelry, there was something in that briefcase that he had never seen before, but still imidiatly recoqnized for what it was. Namely something as powerful, unique and amazing as a soul. And there is one more thing: Look at those kids in the hamburgerscene. Are you telling me they ripped Wallace off in a jewelrydeal?? No way, they wouldn't even be in touch with anyone in that business normally. So why are bibelreading Bret making a deal with mr Evil himself? Because he is a Gad man.
-But they fucked mr Wallace, so why would these Christian kids cheat a mafioso? They sold him the idea that his wife would love and respect him if he gave them his soul to trade with the devil. What they knew, and mr Wallace never understood, is that to mr Wallace, the soul was gone even before it came in their hands. Knowing that he would try to trade it with the devil, they pretended to help, but with the intencion to get it back in the kingdom of Gad. -"I'm sorry that things got so fucked up between us an mr Wallace"... Bret ment it. It's just that he didn't expect this, him working for Gad and all. And one last thing: The gunshotmarks in the wall behind Jules and Vincent were there allready before the shooting. And Amanda Plummer doesn't screem the same line in the two identical robberyscenes. But that don't mather. Cause it's a pulp fiction.

Re: The Briefcase
by StanLee on May 08, 2011
It was "The Cosmic Cube" from Captain America! Seriously, watch the extra scene after the credits in the 2011 movie Thor, Samuel L Jackson opens the briefcase and finally reveals what was in it. Tarantino you are a genius for arranging that extra scene to finally answer everyone's question after all this time! Kudos

Re: The Briefcase &The Band-Aid
by dom on May 16, 2011
It can't be a "soul" because everybody who see's what it is, instantly gets a boner and knows what it is. I'm pretty sure nobody knows what a soul looks like. As for the gold, yes its plausible but unlikely since its heavy. Diamonds, maybe. The only reason it glows orange is because somebody on the set threw in an orange bulb, it wasn't in the script or anything. They liked it so they went with it. As for the combination, it's Quentin Tarantino, he always does shit like that. And I think the person 2 posts above me needs to learn how to spell. Jesus that was annoying to read

by ckholdem181 on May 26, 2011
Guys guys,

I have no idea what was in the case. But I know for a fact that Wallas has a big ugly scar on the back of his neck in REAL LIFE. There is a movie called animal that Vig made and directed. The opening scene in Animal the movie, he has a big scar on the back of his neck....exactly where the bandaid was.
Just a guess on the briefcase is....it has to be something gold....but not full of gold or they couldet just move it around so easy. I am thinking the guy brett is a smart guy...he might have worked at a place where he could have stolen something gold like king tut made of gold....when the rober ringo says is that what I think it is? It had to be something everyone knows what it is but is much more than just gold....Ringo says it's beutiful and stops him in his tracks....also the same for vincint....it stops him in his tracks as well....simple gold would not do that. Thats only a big guess on my part and I am most likely wrong! But I do know for sure that soal stealing stuff is sooooooooo wrong.....how does somebody keep a soal in a briefcase? Also if it was a soal....how would Ringo the rober have any idea what a soal would look like. You think he just opened it up and there was a stamp that said this is a human soal that glows?
Watch the movie Animal and you will see that he has a real scar on his neck.

Re: Suitcase
by suitcaseofsouls on June 06, 2011
Considering that there seems to be a common thread that QT is deliberately being secretive (it DOES make the whole idea cooler), and since I know this film off by heart, I have a theory with film based evidence...
I believe that what is in the suitcase is in fact Marcellus Wallaces soul.
Firstly, the band aid IS in fact representative of removing the soul from the back of the neck.
Secondly, the reactions of those who see the contents. Diamonds don't glow gold. Vincent looks gob smacked when he sees it. Do you think that a renowned gangster like him would be that shocked by seeing diamonds, remembering that Vincent Vega (though different actor) has already seen the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs when he was involved with stealing them. And of course Ringo's reaction is almost comatose at seeing it.
Third, when Jules steps sideways after the failed attempt at shooting him, bullet holes reveal that the bullets have somehow gone straight though him. So, why WOULD god come down and stop the bullets? Because even though Vincent and Jules are gangsters, they're doing gods work by retrieving stolen souls. Hence the 666 code. How do you think these young kids could do ANYTHING to someone as powerful as Wallace unless they were doing rituals and accidentally took the wrong soul. Something that even powerful people with guns can't prevent.
God chose these two to do his work, after they successfully retrieve MW soul. Jules takes the sign and continues gods work. Vincent doesn't listen to god and consequently meets his demise.

I'm not a religious person by any stretch, but watch the movie again with what I said in mind and I guarantee you'll agree!!

Re: The Briefcase & The Band-Aid
by Alfie on June 11, 2011
I found this page very interesting. The film will never be the same to me again after reading this:


Re: The Briefcase
by FanOfAFan on June 20, 2011
It was a cheeseburger.... Inside the briefcase was a cheeseburger.

by VegaBrothers on July 03, 2011
It was whatever you want it to be.

Re: Briefly Cased
by JohnnyT on July 06, 2011
Case Contents
On set : Orange Lightbulb
According to the man: A small nuke in homage to
Robert Aldrich's "Kiss Me Deadly"
Meant to be: up to the viewer
On set : Check the movie "Undisputed" (shower scene) - V has some gnarly scars
Meant to be : a possible release point of the soul

by itsmejohnnyv on July 09, 2011
Ok it has to be said,,,vincent vega from pulp fiction and vic vega from resivoir dogs are not the same guy,,,perhaps they are brothers, only a theroy of course but it makes sence to me, the movies take place in the same area and around the same time, marcelus wallace is mentioned in resivoir dogs although he isn't acctually in it,,,as far as what is in the breifcase, diamonds, mw's soul, gold bars, who knows, for a while I thought it was full of herion but recently I watched both movies back to back and tho their are referances to each other in both they are seperate stories entirely,,,I don't believe that the diamonds are in the case because Mr. Pink got away with them,,,if it was gold bars it would be too heavy to carry in one hand,,,but I hardly believe that mw's soul was a pure and beautiful thing so the beauty shining from the case, probly not his soul...maybe it was salvation in the case

by itsmejohnnyv on July 09, 2011
As a revision to what I said before, Mr. Pink got out with the diamonds...but you hear the police stopping him in the background from inside the warehouse,which means the diamonds go to the police,,,figured I should correct myself before some d-bag does the inevitable and jumps all over my little mis-speaking to try and make themselves feel better about being a no life pathetic loser,,,

Re: briefcase and band aid
by pate on July 31, 2011
the band aid - ving cut his neck shaving, but a band aid on the cut and qt left it in.

breifcase - it's a 'mcguffin' (hitchcock term meaning it's just a thing used to make the action take place - there is nothing in the briefcase),

Re: The real anser is the Pulp Fiction it self
by Kowaq on August 08, 2011
Because the sequence is mix in the film. All of your question is answer in the film it self. Look at it like all the symbols are a premonition.

The band aid on Wallace neck came from the fact he will have bad time with Butch

The reason Wallace throw Tony you will find it when you'll see Vince shaking hand of Mia (Same thing Tony's does. Wallace used to knew the secret...)

The car of Vince hapened to be wreck by imself on the house of Lance.

All question you ask about someting in the film have is own anser into the film itself.

So...If I'm right... what do you thing there is in the briafcase?

Re: It is the liberty!
by Kowaq on August 09, 2011
In the briefcase you will find the light.

Jules is the righteous man. He is the one who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness. He show the light, from the briefcase, to the weak. They see the liberty. They find there way out of the valley of darkness. That is wy Wallace want the briefcase for imself.

Vincent does not beleive on wath he just saw from the briefcase «And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.» That's why he die.

Ezekiel 25:17- "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you. "

And now! Who the «hell» is the Brett team and what is Marvin real mission?

Re: Band Aid
by BeKiddo on September 21, 2011
Bible says that the anti Christ will bear the mark 666 on his body. In the Omen movies the 666 is a birth mark in the hair line. Marcelleus is bald? I think the band aid covers the birth mark 666. And the combo to the brief case is 666.

by Slik on October 02, 2011
Get ready to have your minds blown!
The answer to what is in the briefcase is not a simple thing to figure out. You actually have to do a ton of other and behind the movie research. I have figured it out and would like to explain what I think I may have discovered. Here are the things that we know:
The Briefcase had a gold reflection and anyone who looked at it was baffled and awed.
We also know that the combination to the suitcase was 666.
We also know that Jules is extremely religious and gets shot at and is not hit.
The most important thing that I think people overlook, is the fact that they get the briefcase before they kill the people in the apartment.
So here is what is in the case and why. It is the Holy Grail. The reason it is, is because that it is written that anyone who looks at the Holy Grail will be humbled and dumbstruck. It is also written that Satan (Lucifer) will protect the Grail from ever reaching human hands (the suitcase combination). And finally anyone who has the Holy Grail and relies on God to strike down their enemies cannot be harmed. That is why they grab the case before they shoot everyone. This all comes together in one part of the movie. Just so everyone knows the bad-aid is because Ving Rhames cut his head while shaving it. The Bad-Aid has no relevance.

by suitcase on October 10, 2011
Gold bars in suitcase = are you on crack?
When Vincent picks up and flips the suitcase around to enter the 666 combo, he does it with ease and the case flops around appearing super light. Gold bricks are heavy, there is NO way he would be able to handle a case full of gold bricks with such ease. Give your head a shake. Re-watch the scene and see for yourself.

The gold light you see reflecting from within is a clue to a reference from a old James Bond movie. "The Man With Golden Gun". The same gold shine is also seen moments later when Vincent and Jules are shooting off thier guns at the guy hiding in the back room with a hand cannon, did you see that thing? It was bigger than him.

The light from the suitcase, is a golden gun.

by suitcase on October 10, 2011
P.S. The dumb guys had the golden gun because they were being the mules smuggling it across the border, and were supposed to return it asap but ended up getting high first.

Re: The Briefcase & The Band-Aid
by Jenneo4 on October 29, 2011
I heard that it was his soul and the band aid was to cover up the hole that was left when it was removed. I guess thats why it glowed.

Re: Explanation of briefcase
by ronny on November 06, 2011
So those of you who explained that the briefcase has a soul in it are correct. But noone is explaining the plot of the story.

Marcellus Wallace is a Soul dealer/Gangster.
Jackson & Travolta are his henchmen. Marcellus had sold his soul to the devil. Urab myth The soul is removed from your spine. (hence the term, a spineless soul or soulless person)
The bandaid covered up that cut.
What was in the briefcase was Marcellus Wallace's soul. If you notice everytime Jackson kills someone he repeats a passage from the bible, getting ready for the murder he is about to commit.

any comments?

Re: Scar
by Shredderboi on November 09, 2011
Sometimes you can catch a glimps of the back of Ving's neck in other movies he has done, and he has a gnarly scar right where the band-aid was in pulp fiction. When u shave your head the new hair can become ingrown and become infected. I was a barber and saw this often. Yuck.

Re: Bullets
by DaveXXX on November 18, 2011
Anyone notice in hamburger scene that there are bullet holes in wall b4 guy comes out of room and shoots with his hand canon?

by TheCowboySurfer on December 28, 2011
I really have no problem with the soul theory other than the arrogance of those who support it. First of all, you act as though it is the only logical content of the briefcase. If this were true then QT would not be the thought provoking writer/director that he is. Dont sell him short guys, this is one of the reasons you love him in the first place. Second, if its so obviously a soul, and only a soul, then why does ringo ask the question, "is that what I think it is?" Ringo is obviously of an average, if not less than, intelligence and his life experience seems average as well. He is no philosopher, academian or adventurer... That said, the question, "is that what I think it is?" Leads the viewer to believe it is neither a soul, which would be completely unrecognizable to an average person and would instead beg the question, "WHAT is that?" Nor couldit be diamonds or gold or anything else so common as to beg a question of clarification such as that.
So... Could it be a soul? Certainly, after all, Ringo could be more experienced in soul recognition than you or I, but I do not think its as absolute as you all claim. In fact, its a slight reach because of the suggestion made be ringos reaction. Mcguffins exist to provoke thought, or for an easy way out, or simply.... To fuck with you. If your certain its the soul, good for you, but dont be so quick to scream at those who disagree when its you who have failed to notice the subtle implications behind a single line of dialogue. QT is heralded as being a genius with dialogie so I assure you, that ringos question limits the contents to something rarer than gold yet more recognizable than a soul.

If im wrong, just tell me what a soul looks like and ill concede my case.

Re: Room 416 prior to entering the apartment to Matthew 4:16
by zeman on January 04, 2012
So I've been a fan of Pulp Fiction since I was in High School. I watched the movie last night for the first time in awhile and was struck by never really knowing what was in the brief case, so I watched the scene in great detail. I noticed the apartment number was #416. So thinking this is probable related to a bible verse I looked up one starting with Matthew 4:16. I don't read the bible often if ever but since the Movie has the lighting up brief case locked at 666, and Jules set for a path of salvation on seriously changing his ways from a gangster to walking the earth in the path of the Shepard I thought to look it up. So Matthew 4:16 reads "the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” I think this relates to the brief case, the people who had it, to Vincent which stayed in the land of the dark and ended up dead, and to Jules which turned to "the path of the Shepard" as he says. A great light was shone to Jules (which was currently living in the land of the dark) after the bullets whizzed by him and a light dawned as it did for all the others in the room which where also all living in the land of the shadow of death right before they died. Just a theory but better than anything else I've looked through yet.

Re: contents of briefcase
by TheBriefcase on January 05, 2012
I was never going to reveal this online but after a buddy of mine sent me this link to read what you guys have been saying back in forth for years! And because the contents of the case made the news recently I decided to register...I'm going to burst your bubbles with all your creative and imaginative theories about the contents of the briefcase. It's a yellow diamond. Not just any yellow diamond but the largest in the world. It actually just sold. And it's 110 carats.


I live and work in the film biz. I worked on the set of Hulk with Tim Roth. We discussed this over a night of boozing and playing Texas hold em. He said that Quentin spoke of this diamond on a few occasions during the filming of Pulp. There you go. No lie.

by willablargens on January 09, 2012
I'm sure this thread has been running for awhile so I doubt this will help or spark any conflicts, but I have to add a few facts to clear up one of the supposed theories posted here even if it is probably not considered as the answer by most people. Gold bars, as proposed earlier, wouldn't glow so radiantly, as seen in the movie, without a direct light. What's more, a stereotypical gold bar as seen in popular films weighs 400oz which is around 27lb. According to the World Gold Council, the price of gold per ounce in 1994 was 384USD, which calculates to 153,600USD every 400oz. That's a lot of money, but really a suitcase with even one gold bar would be too cumbersome to plausibly be used as a container for high risk transport, plus the reality of wealth for a man in Marsellus Wallace's position would draw in far more than that for much less trouble. By the way, as said before, the actor playing Marsellus, Ving Rhames, does have a scar on his neck, and for any curious cats it can be seen clearly in the movie King of the Avenue.

by willablargens on January 09, 2012
By the way, my bad about my previous comment if it repeats facts provided earlier along the thread. For some stupid reason I believed the most recent threads were at the top of the page.

Re: yellow diamond theory
by zeman on January 11, 2012
Well it could not have been a diamond that had not yet been discovered (sun-drop diamond discovered in south africa in 2010). Looks like your night out with Tim Roth was probable as much bullshit as your made up theory.

"The jewel is being sold by Cora International, which discovered it in South Africa last year (2010), meaning it has no history of previous wearers. "Some find it very attractive to own a stone that's been lying untouched in the earth for millions of years," Bennett added."


But thanks for wasting everyone's time your totally made up story with no basis whatsoever. Good luck with made up job of working in the film industry too.

Re: The yellow diamond.
by TheBriefcase on January 17, 2012
My mistake on googling the wrong yellow diamond. It was the tiffany yellow diamond.


This was the diamond.

by The_Mothman on January 26, 2012
highly refined nuclear material, likely weapons grade, the kind of thing that DARPA might be playing around with; also the kind of thing that's worth BIG money simply as a refined product(refined isotopes of rare earth elements are ridiculously expensive)let alone its value to any nation or armed force in the world as a weapon or simply as an eye into what ones enemies are capable of.
Although it could anything that's worth a lot of dough in there.
But with the kiss me deadly links i think this is most likely. Or it could just be a suitcase nuke. But the above argument for the Holy Lance seems pretty solid to.
One thing that it most definitely is NOT is a soul.

Band aid
by Scraps on January 28, 2012
The band aid is covering up acne keloidalis, a skin acne common in African Americans at the neck and hairline due to close haircuts with unsanitized or contaminated equipment. You can see the acne bumps around and under the band aid....likely that Mr Wallace was a little self conscious.

Re: Breifcase
by Jimmythewrench on January 31, 2012
The Holy Grail. Not a soul. Soul doesn't make sense. Two main reasons.

Tim Roth:"is that what I think it is? It's beautiful." He's obviously looking at something that everyone knows, but noone ever expected to see.

The "kids" in the apartment: Obviously students. Maybe bible, maybe archaeology. This would explain why "good" kids would get tangled up with a gangster.

Re: Very funny.
by Zordax on February 13, 2012
Doesn't everyone realize that Quentin has no idea himself what was in the briefcase? Yellow diamond, RD diamonds, Nukes, or the Holy Grail? Thats what he wanted! The movie was made a few years before the chat fourm but this is the debate that he wanted. It dosen' matter what was in the case! Btw he needs an new continuity person; holes in the wall then no holes in the wall the holes in then wall. Same thing at the end of Ingolious Bastards; tie out then tie under coat then tie out. I had to crash that Honda.

by yodawg on February 28, 2012
It is important to make inferences about the film by using the title. Pulp Fiction. Either the movie itself is "Pulp Fiction", or the contents of the suitcase are "Pulp Fiction" and everyone's lives are altered by it even though it has no meaning or a meaning different than what anybody knows.

Re: This is too interesting
by TyrannyOfEvilMen on April 03, 2012
I don't think Quentin Tarantino ever had a real explanation for the contents of the suitcase.
Honestly, what starts the questioning is not just the secrecy of the material inside the suitcase. It's when ringo says "is that what I think it is?"
I always imagined it being diamonds, and found it interesting when I heard the reservoir dogs theory. Ringo may have asked "is that what I think it is?" to confirm that the diamonds were real, not plastic.
An even more fascinating theory was the one about marsellus wallace's soul removed. There's no proof of this theory in the movie, direct or indirect, but the overall attitude of the hit men and marsellus gives you clues that the theory is possible.
-1 Jules says, "I can't give you this cause it don't belong to me." sure, it doesn't, but something about how he said it made it sound suspicious, like he couldn't have it even if he tried to.
-2 Jules claims Brett and Ringo interfered with "the path of the righteous man." what about his path was so righteous in the first place?
-3 butch asks marsellus 'are you okay?' and misunderstanding, he replies, "I'm pretty f----- far from okay." "I NEVER TOOK MUCH THOUGHT TO WHAT IT MEANT... I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS SOME COLD BLOODED s---," but now I'm starting to wonder what about him wasn't okay. I mean, he was a millionaire who had uma thurman as his wife. He wasnt referring to the zed case or butch either when he said that.
-4 of course, how far can the word "soul" take you. It's not as if marsellus was dead or unconscious. However, marsellus always seemed so programmed, like a gangster roboT. He never seemed happy or positive, and so unique, as if he was missing something from him, though.
-5 the bandaid on the back of his neck is always sensitive to the audience, but why show it as if we should suspect something from it?
- 6 Mia says "no one knows why marsellus threw Tony off the balcony except marsellus and Tony." why? You never can tell... (haha, coincidence)
-7 Jules asks "what did marsellus Wallace look like?" this might have been a lure for Brett to say "he's black... He's bald," but why ask as if he's changed since then?
-8 Jules always talks about how he's gonna "walk the earth." sounds a little suspicious.
-9 after Jules asks "we happy?" vincent says, "yeah, we happy." couldnt WE mean all 3 of them, vincent, Jules and marsellus? Couldnt HAPPY be literal?
-10 notice marsellus and Mia never interact with each other in any way in the entire movie (except for that one clip with Mia, vincent and marsellus.) also seems suspicious.
-11 when Jules says that the suitcase is "my bosses dirty laundry?" is that figurative? Then, ringo says "sounds like a sht job," Jules says, "funny I was just thinking the same thing," so naturally.

Re: It is what it is
by Stack301 on June 30, 2012
After seeing the different theories, I am led to believe that what is in the case was meant to be whatever you want it to be. I have seen the scar on Ving Rhames neck in other films he has been in. With that being said, I see no real significance in regards to the bandaid. However, with the reference made to China when Marsellus says, "I'm ready to scour the earth for that mothaf****! If Butch goes to Indo-China, I want a n**** hiding in a bowl of rice ready to pop a cap in his ass," could support the soul in the briefcase / bandaid theory. My thoughts were more along the lines of the Holy Grail being in the briefcase which could be supported by the various references to God, divine intervention / miracle and Jules' verse from the Bible. Either way both could be acceptable. The theories I've personally dismissed are regarding the gold bricks, diamonds, etc. However you look at it, it was written into the script and left open ended for a reason....... What we are left with is an amazing movie from start to finish with a plot, storyline and cast that made a lasting impression on the industry and it's fans, and should go down as one of the greats. Nonetheless, It is what it is.

by Dave Champness on July 06, 2012
Lets set the record straight on the Band-Aid and whats in the briefcase. 1st things 1st, the Band-Aid. Its a a Band-Aid and nothing more. Now on the whats in the briefcase. Its an Academy award, an Oscar a self indulgent nod towards Tarantino. He was so sure (rightfully so) this film would win an Academy Award that he uses this a part of the premise of the film.

I hope this clears up all the questions you may have.

Re: brief case theroy
by Sean Sterling on July 18, 2012
my thought on the brief case is that its religious salvation from evil (666 on the case)locked away from sight. cause everyone that crosses hands with it is given a second chance and all the peeps except their intervention with god. except for vincent. buch was given his in the back room from killing vincent after not excepting the salvation of god when he didn't walk away after he saved the gurl. and when wallace stands with zed hes striking down the teriny of pure evil until it dies in pain. (good over evil, god)

Re: The Briefcase & The Band-Aid
by Squeeze on July 24, 2012
I always thought it was a highly valued religious artifact of some type.

I know Tarantino said it was a plot device or McGuffin, but out of curiosity I watched the entire film again.

This time paying close attention to 'glow' effects.

In one scene while the briefcase is nearby, but closed, there are two glows.

This made me wonder what parts of the finished film ended-up edited out?

Taking a cue from 'Q' so-to-speak, I'll leave the point at which these other glows occur A MYSTERY.

Great thread. Every theory thought provoking.


by Laurlaur on September 17, 2012
I just thought I would clarify, that a McGuffin... Is a PLOT device. It's function is to motivate the plot, and carry it along but at the end, becomes PURPOSELESS. So, it has NO FUNCTION at all, other than to carry along the plot. (as one examples, of this are the 40 thousand dollars stolen in hitchcock's "psycho." (even after the movie's narrative splits the money is discussed.. But NEVER becomes relevant and is later forgotten. The fact that Tarantino, makes clear that the suitcase is meant to be a MCGuffin.. I think it's clear, or at least probable that the suitcase's relevance to the film was just that. To motivate the plot, WITHOUT having a real or significant meaning in the end. Tarantino is genius enough to cleverly use a McGuffin, that which is SUPPOSED to be insignificant in the end, and utilize the device to become something that will keep people talking for years to come. This is just an example of fantastic movie writing, direction, use of cinematographic excellence all around! I LOVE that Tarantino has everyone discussing the contents of a suitcase, which in this film.. Was never meant to have any real significance! (except when QT and his AD were discussing the contents of the case being the diamonds from reservoir dogs, which didn't happen here.) In that case, the suitcase WOULD HAVE had real relevance and not been classified as a McGuffin by Tarantino, and WOULD in fact Drastically ALTER ones perception of the film! (as stated in an earlier post!) well. Those are my thoughts on the matter... And I love YOU hunny bunny:-)

by schlotters on December 12, 2012
I just wanted to post a comment that states people need to learn how to fucking spell. And who gives a fuck what's in the briefcase? I think it makes it more fun to not know and leave it up to your imagination, as Quentin states.

by aidan.mcvan.7 on January 12, 2013
The simplest explanation is logic my deer Pulp, at the end of Reservoir Dogs, Pink makes off with the diamonds, but is caught. The easiest explanation is somebody stole the briefcase, containing the diamonds, and soon ended up in the Pulp Fiction realm.

And the band-aid was to cover a scar on Ving Rhame's neck, but, Tarantino is known his mysterious key elements! But, even to this day, he honestly doesn't even know himself!

by joni.javah on January 27, 2013
We have to take into account one thing everybody seems to miss.
Even Quentin might not know what is in there, but that doesnt mean its nothing.
Inspiration - and everybody whos ever truly been inspired can testify that - works through you.If your skill and ability happen to attract it, it wll find you and express itself through you.
And you dont have to understand it necessary to make something happen.
Sometimes it takes years to realise a layer of your own work, or you never realise it.

That being said, here my 5 cents.

Clue 1: Every character seems to "recognise" what is in the case.Everybody can identify its nature at once.

Clue 2: It is obviously something of not purely monetary worth, everybody seems to be touched by its beauty.Nobody´s face reflects greed upon seeing it.if anything, it shows almost a form of respect. or awe.

Clue 3:it gives off light

Taking these two clues into account, it cannot be money or gold or any other materialistic thing ,also not a piece of art. Art can be valuable and beautiful, but certainly there is no piece of art , that every gangster can identify at once.
Also for a bunch of gangsters to be in awe of a piece of art,even have them catching their breath...now that is really a stretch.

all that clearly indicates something tangible with some kind of esoteric(religious,spiritual) aspect to it.

It cant be a soul, cause why would everyone recognise someones soul?

So bottom line I think it must be something like the Holy Grail, the Golden Fleece .
with the 666 on the case, i am gravitating towards holy grail^^

by L1v3veL on February 04, 2013
It is NOT Marcellus Wallace's soul in the briefcase and I will give 2 simple pieces of evidence that should convince a thinking mind this to be so.

Exhibit A: When people open up the briefcase through out the movie, they seem to be taken back by what their eyes are set upon. This leads me to believe that the person looking inside the briefcase is fully aware of what exactly it is they're looking at. I have never seen a soul, I've never meet anyone who has seen a soul nor have I ever heard of anybody seeing a soul. Now if nobody has ever seen a soul, how can anybody know what one looks like if they happened to come across one?

Exhibit B: We have all heard about souls one time or another in some way, form or fashion. That doesn't mean they exist. I will wager any amount of money, hell I'll even bet my OWN soul, nobody on this thread can prove souls exist. Given this information, I find it quite impossible for Marcellus Wallace's soul to be ANYWHERE let alone a briefcase.

Re: Morons
by Stupidpeoplelikemovies on February 13, 2013
I'm sorry but everyone on here is very, very stupid. Or at the very least thinks themselves as some deep movie thinkers. There was heroine in the briefcase, that's it. It glows gold for VV because he's addicted to heroine. Ving Rhames has a scar on the back of his neck as mentioned by many in this post. I am honestly embarrassed by this 'soul' garbage I had to read through. Occam's razor dumbasses. I'm not even trolling, I a, truly shocked by some of the complete buffoonery and attempts at deeper meaning being spouted here. Bravo folks, I guess most Tarantino fans are complete idiots.

by poidmanero on February 14, 2013
Its not gold. If briefcase was full of gold bars it would weigh over 200 lbs.

Re: brief case
by fred.saade on February 18, 2013
it was not his soul when ringo looked at it when jules opened it for him.ringo asked IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?now who the fuck knows what a soul looks like?thats the stupidest thing ive heard about whats in the case..

by Tj88 on February 27, 2013
Lol dis shit is too funny.. Comments from 2007. I'm a young'n n I love dis movie but I ain't know everybody loved it lol I dnt kno what the hell is in the briefcase and I'm convinced nobody does lol I don't think it is suppost to be said what is in the briefcase. Like a few people said it just adds to the greatness of the movie. Leave u guessing. Even tho it irritates me because I have to know what was in that briefcase. I can care less about the back of Vin rhames neck... Eeww hopefully da money off dis movie afforded him some special cream.. And to the dummy at the top u had me read all dat shit like h really know what u talkin bout lol STFU

by WillAnde71 on March 03, 2013
Ok back in 2000 or so QT came to Dayton Ohio to show his support of 16MM & 8MM movies at this place called the Neon Movies in Downtown Dayton. A lady that I worked with that hung up down there got to meet him at a friends house. She specifically asked him what was in the briefcase and per QT he said that it was ever that you wanted it to be. And that it was not the focal point of the movie. So personally I like to think that it was his soul and that Brett and the boys was trying to ransom it to Mr. Wallace and when he said f-that he sent Vincent and Jules to retrieve his property. Since he paid them well they didnt too muc care about the details and when Vincent opened the case he was just verifying what was inside...his soul which has a beautiful golden aura!

Re: The Contents of The Briefcase.
by DeliciousHulk on March 04, 2013
The briefcase contained Gold Bars. The Band-Aid on the back of Marcelus' head, was the result of a conversation that he had with his 'Boss' about the status of the briefcase. It'll probably be revealed in the Prequel.

Re: to
by wes on March 23, 2013
I think the briefcase was a macguffin. Do you have a logical explanation of why the narrative was delivered out of chronlogical order? I think this movie is a masterpiece. To oversimplify it doesn't do it justice. Vincent Vega is the antihero of the movie.

Re: The World Cup '66
by Tarantula1 on March 23, 2013
Genius 66 got it right (see post 16 April 2009) - that's why the English character played by Tim Roth is so stunned when it is shown to him.

One link that Genius 66 didn't spot - whereas the winner's trophy is now simply called the 'World Cup', in 1966 the golden prize won by the winners of the FIFA World Cup was called the 'JULES Rimet Trophy'!

by wes on March 24, 2013
based on the evidence presented, I can clearly see that the lost Jules Rimet may, in fact, be in that briefcase. That would of course mean that Marcellus and Brett must have been in some strange business arrangement involving the trophy (I believe Jules called Marcellus Brett's business partner). Since Vince knew the combination of the briefcase, I must presume Marcellus had the trophy before Brett and Brett didn't get it back to Marcellus in time and that is why two hitmen showed up at Brett's apartment.

Re: Hedi
by wes on March 27, 2013
After pondering this for a few days,the idea that a soul was in the briefcase implies this movie is about salvation, which really isn't far from the truth. I still think it is a macguffin and we are meant to ignore the contents of the briefcase. The tricky part is when QT says it is up to our imagination, it is difficult to ignore because he brought it back into the movie at the end. Whatever it was, Vince and Ringo seemed to half way recognize it, meaning it wasn't a soul or it was some perhaps innocuous item with the words "Soul" or "I'm a soul" glowing on it.

Re: The Briefcase & The Band-Aid
by Eric.Glaeser on April 13, 2013
I like to believe that the briefcase was Money provided to the teenage kids to purchase drugs with and sell to their clients. However; upon not hearing anything back from them for some time Marcellus sends Vincent and Jules to get the message across. (Why the immediate use of terminal force to gain undivided attention and set the tone for full cooperation) Upon discovering that the money in the briefcase was either gone or significantly reduced from the original amount without increase of funds from the expected sales and also noting that all the kids in the apartment seemed baked and hungover from a long night of partying with Marcellus's money, it becomes apparent why Vega sarcasticly replies "Oh yea, we happy..." to Jules's question. As for the band-aid, I believe the covering up a scar story as well as even though make-up would have covered up the scar just as well the series of over the shoulder shots and the band-aid make the Marcellus character more interesting and unique as well as mysterious, which I believe is what he was shooting for in the development of the character. Thanks for reading my take on the matter.

Re: Redemption
by ubfrank2 on May 29, 2013
Marsella was a bad MF; i.e. drug dealer, fix boxing matches, set up wife, hit men to kill any one who fuck him over, etc. Kundalini, seat of the soul rest at base of skull, and two righteous turned self-righteous, trying to retrieve suitcase where soul had gone for the "Bad Mother Fucker" Marcella.
Bruce Willis receive redemption by his actions at PAWN Broker's Shop, where symbolically you get fucked in the ass. Was Macellas turn to reap!

Re: briefcase
by dkay on June 04, 2013
Been a while since saw the movie, but I always felt that it was the Holy Grail. Mostly due to the religious overtones of the movie and the golden glow.

all that glows aint gold baby!!!
by brodeen on June 15, 2013
Hi gang stars! How bout when Ringo says is it what I think it is? ....it's beautiful . If it was gold that does not fukin glow by the way! Gold is not an it. A soul? Why not...whatever never mind...lol

What´s in the briefcase?
by StStephy on June 27, 2013
I know it´s awesome to believe that it´s Marcellus´ soul, and all, I love that idea too, but, just a little common sense here... Vincent and Jules argue about wether they have, or haven´t experienced a miracle. Because of that "Miracle" Jules quits, Vincent goes alone into Butch´s home and gets killed. so this is one important argument. Don´t you think that if Jules was familiar with picking up souls in briefcases he wouldn´t have been so shocked about not getting shot? let´s say no, you don´t think so. Don´t you think that if Vincent had just seen with his own eyes a human soul shine back at him inside a mother fucking briefcase he might have been a bit more open to the idea that MAYBE there was something slightly holy going on in that room?!?! forget about the terrible shooter, THERE´S A SOUL IN THERE!!!!!!

And that´s how you know, whatever is in the briefcase, is wonderful, shiny and beautiful, but not supernatural.

Re: oh maaaa God everyone Im such a genius!
by keen on July 01, 2013
In all reality IM making fun of the guy th@ thought just gold in thethe case....... with what was said about the devil and what to trade for a soul..... maybe the Devils golden fiddle........ but seriously that guy on this site is what the f***
I mean I gotta work at 7 tomorrow it's 2 o'clock in the morning and I didn't see me signing up on Pulp forum..... But that crack headed genius drove me to it..... Good night/morning & have a great 4th

Re: What was in the briefcase.
by Panatella on August 19, 2013
In a TV interview I saw with QT many years ago, he did not disclose the actual contents of the briefcase. He said (not in these exact words) - use your imagination, whatever you want it to be. If you recall from the movie when Vincent first opened it in the apartment, and when Ringo forced Jules to open it during the café hold-up there was a sort of a golden shine on their faces when the briefcase was opened. My guess is that is was something gold and priceless, something like the Holy Grail maybe.

by Barrn53 on November 03, 2013
I thought it was the money butch won on the fight after placing bets all over town

Re: the briefcase and boo boo
by on December 06, 2013
the early bird gets the worm.
The briefcase contains the shine from the sun rising in the morning this is revealed when Jules states that he will leave the life of killing and hustling forever to walk the earth like Kane in Kung fu Tarantino probably spent a lot of time in the video store watching re runs and grew up idolizing David car radine and the Tao. At the beginning of each Kung fu car radine is eclipsed by the sun symbolizing a new day for rebirth and life etc which is what Jules will have when he gives up his life of doing dirty laundry hence the morning sunshine is the miracle. those who can harness the suns power all day with out fail is the real gangster as opposed to the non workin lazy people sleeping all day. living each day one day at a time without killing and gang banging. Truly I think the band aid is there to show the audience the this guy we are looking at is a bad motherfucker that was recently in a scuffle and was cut or bruised. And thus creating a moment confusion to the audience like as in what the fuck is that suspense builder tension breaker etc.

Re: It can't be gold, I don't think.
by cartoon_sub on January 09, 2014
What everyone is forgetting is science: gold is heavy. Even one gold bar would be more awkward and difficult to handle inside that briefcase, with the ease and agility that the actors handle the case. --- simply put, it cannot be gold bars. Gold is just too heavy to toss around like fluff. (Personally, I like the soul explanation.)

Re: what is the band aid for
by Joelfrosty on February 17, 2014
I can't believe no one has realized what the Band-Aid on wallaces neck was for. It's simple, I've known a lot of African-American people who get shaving bumps from using this cream that removes hair on their face and neck and I believe if you look at the picture that he had a bad case of bumps on his neck and the Band-Aid was probably covering some of those bumps it's as simple as that.

Re: Briefcase
by DDAWG on February 17, 2014
The Motherfuckin Holy God Damn Grail MotherFucker! NO Fuckin SHIT

Re: Briefcase
by DDAWG on February 17, 2014
The Motherfuckin Holy God Damn Grail MotherFucker! NO Fuckin SHIT

by neelloc.mahgninnuc on April 18, 2014
It was not his soul, it was supposed to be diamonds. Tarantino confirmed it was diamonds, however Tarantino had just used a case of diamonds as a major plot device in Reservoir Dogs and did not want to be predictable :)

Re: dumbass
by Dalastshawn21 on May 04, 2014
Diamonds don't glow like gold you dumbass bastards I swear I wish I could best the hell outta most of you

Re: dumbass
by Dalastshawn21 on May 04, 2014
Beat!!! Fuckn auto correct

Re: Briefcase
by Reuban on May 28, 2014
The obvious answer anyone should get is that it is an academy award - an Oscar. That's why Ringo asks "is that what I think it is?"
Too easy !

Imagination is in the briefcase
by steveisfatter on June 22, 2014
After being thoroughly entertained by some of your theories, like Wallace's Soul, the holy grail, or even the 1966 world cup...wtf btw!?.

QT has said there is no "official answer" to what was in the case but When Jules opens it and Tim Roth's character says "Is that what I think it is?" The answer is "yes", literally. I believe that is QT saying our imagination is all of the real beauty and value in this world

by mhenson4-- on September 07, 2014
No matter what QT says, there is a definite object in the briefcase.

1 - It is seen several times in the movie.
2 - It fits the plot.
3 - It is purely logical.

And like QT, I won't tell you what it is.





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