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About the only thing that sticks with me as terribly incongruous about Pulp Fiction is wondering what exactly were Brett and his buddies doing with the apparently very valuable property of Marsellus Wallace. They come across like a bunch of not terribly competent college kids, way out of MW's league.

So what was he doing having Brett and his buddies even working for him in the first place not to mention holding that briefcase?

-Tom Toren

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Google Earth

Could anyone please help me finding the locations of the movie on Google Earth?


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Earlier in the movie, Eric Stoltz's character asks "I'm all out of balloons, is a baggie okay?" Now I am no drug expert but am I to infer that heroin is supposed to go into a balloon and cocaine into a baggie? And Mia Wallace thought that was cocaine and that's why she overdosed? A friend of mine who knows a lot more about drugs than I do said that's not true, but what do you guys think?


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The Gold Watch
What t-shirt does Samuel Jackson (Jules) wear when he is with Vincent Vega with his "UC Santa Cruz" t-shirt dressed like tourists (dorks)?

I will be glad if you have the answer :)


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Bad motherfucker wallet
Where can I find a bad mother fucker wallet (also known as a pulp fiction wallet) like the one Jules had in the movie? I don't want a cheap one, I want a good quality one like Jules would have. Thanks!


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The Briefcase & The Band-Aid
Can anyone tell me what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?

And what is the Band-Aid on the back of Marsellus's neck about? Is there a connection? You never see or hear anyone say what's in the case. Thanks!


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What is going on the background when Mr. Wolf first appears on screen?

He is talking on the phone to Mr. Wallace. It's pretty early in the morning, he is well dressed, apparently in a hotel room. There are lots of other people there, all well dressed, even children. Does anyone know what is going on in the background in this scene?


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Foot Massage?
Why did Marcellus Wallace have Tony Rocky Horror thrown out of a four-story window?

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USSC Banana Slugs
Do you know where I can find the UCSC banana slug shirt in the LA area? It's the one that Vincent was wearing in the last few scenes of Pulp Fiction.

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